October 30th, 2007

hair poster

favorite dread/drunken birthday (messy 8 mo. dreads)

heyyy i finally got a picture of that aforementioned favorite funny-shaped dread that i loved the feel of but have never seen...

meet oedipus

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no idea why he is shaped like that but it just tickles me.

and also it was my birthday so my work crew and i rolled into the beauty bar for a rollicking good time. hundreds.... literally hundreds of humiliating photographs were taken and to say i was disheveled by the end of the night would be an understatement, but here are some of the more hair-visible ones... plus some that are just plain funny.

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and on a pseudo related note i was riding the 704 bus through west hollywood today and was quite cranky as i'd been on the bus for over an hour (grrrr rush hour) and a girl with lovely candy colored dreadies got on and walked past me, i didn't even notice but i saw them through the window as the bus drove off after i got off.. didn't get to say hi and give that nod of acknowledgement.. well, e-nod, girl.

Read the memmories- Question about leaving hairs out of your dreads...

So I've tried as best I can to be sure and check ALL of the memories before posting my questions. I've been able to find some answers, but am still curious about a few things. Hopefully someone out there will be willing to help me.

Firstly I'll preface by saying I do not have dreads yet, but over the years have been approached by TONS of people with dreads or hair stylists explaining that my hair texture would literally lend itself to dreadlocks, and I believe it, because it tends to clump and dread on its own. I have very course, curly (loose curls-tight at the root and straighter towards the ends)hair. I have decided I want dreads...BADLY. So, my questions are as follows:

I read in the memories about the pros and cons of thinner dreads, and it seems the biggest downside it that there tend to be a lot of loose hairs that sneak out of the dread. What if you want that messy whispy effect? I've been thinking that I'd like most of my head dreaded with a few loose curls and whisps. Is keeping the dreads on the thinner side a good way to achieve that look? Are there better methods?

Next, how thin is TOO thin? And how does the amount of hair you section in each platelet (for lack of better term) translate to the thickness of each dreadlock?  

Okay, hopefully one of ya'll has an answer for me. Also if there are any of you in Southern California (LA or OC) willing to help a young lady out with a dread startup, PLEASE let me know. I can bake you cookies or offer other gifts to thank you!

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