November 1st, 2007


favorite picture

i was looking through my photobucket at old dread pictures and i found alot that i really loved. and that got me to wondering what pictures of your dreads are favorites?
heres mine

my dreads were probably only like 6-8 months old in this shot. and its blurry. but i adore this picture. to me, it just radiates happiness. or maybe its because i fondly remember this day. either way.. <3

so let me see YOUR favorite picture of you with dreads.
pretty please?
with sugar on top..

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Yesterday this girl (not a friend of mine) told me that when I become a priest I have to cut of my dreadlocks and take out my piercings. She thinks that I have to because people have to relate to me as a priest, and in order for them to do so I have to look like what she referred to as a normal person. I don’t think so, and most people I know, my parents and grandparents included, don’t think so, but apparently some people do. It makes me kind of sad, but I believe that God made me the way I am, and he loves me the way I am, whit dreads and piercings and all, but for some reason some people don’t believe that.

So what do you think, a priest whit dreads, cool neh?


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short hair 2

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We played in the leaves at the park! Scouty just wanted to eat eat eat all the leaves. I found a bunch with gross insect pod things all over them, so all I did while we were playing was grab leaves out of her hands over and over and over.

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Frontpage idea....

With Lishd (sorry i cant link Im an idiot) mentioning a GUDU re-vamp. I had an Idea.

Dreads remind me of tree branches. A forest of hair. Id love to make a "wallpaper" type thing for the background here made up of shots of your favouraite dreads.

Heres what I plan:-

*One dread per person.
*Photos appx 1000 X 100-200 pixels
*Your favourite dread and why
*In focus (macro button folks)
*Most of the dread in shot.

The effect I'm going for is this:

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A dread forest. Ill probably alter the pics in photoshop to give all the pictures a similar "feel" soo if you want to join in please do!

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