November 3rd, 2007

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Hi everyone!

I posted with pictures of my friend Alex's dreads a few days ago, he's still really pleased with them, and they're coming on nicely.

One of my other friends is a really brilliant artist ( ), and he recently bought a lovely new SLR camera and wanted to take some pictures of myself, my partner Chris and Alex. I thought I'd post the ones of me.

I'm really happy with my dreads at the moment, they're almost 3 years old and they really feel like ropes of hair now. I like my bleached ends and I rather like how long they're getting.

Also, do you think it's a good endorsement of your hair when other people you know with dreads start asking you to work on theirs? I've had a few people asking me to tidy theirs up for them, which I suppose means they like mine.


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shampoo ingredients?

So we all know to use residue-free/non-conditioning shampoo... but how does one know if a shampoo is residue free or non-conditioning?? What kind of labels or, more importantly, what ingredients should I be looking for? What ingredients should I avoid?

Since I notice that a lot of dreaded folks use dr. bronners or burts bees, I figured anything all-natural should be pretty safe... but is it really & what about vegan, vegetarian, or organic products? 

thanks. ♥

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bead attack!

They're 3 months and a week old.

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Damnit, I know the frizzies will go away. I do. I'm being as patient as I can. It's just that I'm trying VERY hard to get a promotion and showing up at work with a halo of frizz really isn't helping anything. I bought a crotchet hook and I'm going to try and crotchet just the top layer. I'm going to leave the bottoms alone, it's just the top's I'm worried about.

Can you believe that I've ignored these things entirely? I wash them. And I rip them apart when they get tangled. THAT'S IT. I don't palmroll. I maybe roll the ends for an hour a week, if i'm really effin bored. I think I'm washing them too much, actually, because I'm getting dandruff and I've never in my life had dandruff. And the ends of my dreads are brittle, and when I twist them they break a bit. I have split ends up the ying yang. Yikes. I have to stop washing them everytime I have a shower. Habit, I guess.

I Think I Post Too Often...

Anyway, I decided I wanted a hat, since it's getting cold and also to hold in all of my dreads and keep them out of my face, and to save them from funky smells.

So, I went and bought myself some yarn, and a book about crochet, and taught myself how to make hats since I've never been one to do things the easy way.

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I'm sure I'll make more, just because now I like to crochet and also one can ever have too many hats.  I think I will attempt some headbands and wrap-type things as well.

Also, I saw some felting 'yarn' at the store I was at.  Basically it seemed like it had just been loosely spun into yarn, but I was easily able to pull it apart.  Would that be suitable for felting dreads?  I don't know much about felting, but I know a number of people have added it into their dreads here, so I figured I would ask.