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So im one poor ass mofucka, and using honey for wax i dont think is the smart above the influence thing to do, depending on how it makes all my hair turn into one giant dread
im in the middle of dreading my hair now, i already have two dreads that i started back in december naturally but they havent turned out so hot so i need some advice
how tresemme 'deep cleaning' shampoo for dreads
and how healthy is it to substitute surfboard wax for dreading

come on man i need help!
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has anyone tried this or something similar?

This was posted on a myspace group.

Get a BIG bowl of warm water, mix in about 3/4 cup of baking soda, 8-9 drops of tea tree oil, 2 Tsp of lemon juice, and 2Tsp of salt, and stir until well dissolved. use a squirt bottle or something to apply to your scalp and soak all your dreads real well ~ wrap up in a towel, shower, cap, or plastic baggie, and let them sit for like 1/2 an hour or so ~ then rinse( and rinse again ). When you rinse your hair the water will probably be muddy brown...getting all dirt/smoke/gunk out....and it deep cleans the middle of the dread! I'd do this about maybe once a month or so....its really worth it! It will leave you just a pure head of dreads and nothing else inside, and helps them knot up faster and stay knotted, with no grease! But you still should shampoo often, even if you do this treatment.

any sugestions on weither this has worked well or not? Just currious. Im prob gonna try tomorow.
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A month after dreading all the hair I could comfortably reach, I decided to commit myself to finishing the poor, neglected, back of my head too! So my locks are finally all set up and ready to go, I can't wait to see them progress!
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Down Filled Blanket= super super comfy, batman!

Picking mass amounts of little tiny feathers out of your dreads= fuck.

On  a side note, (Yes, I HAVE read the memories.) I have those little white speckles everywhere from my roots. I've been dying over them to hide them. Now, the thing is, I don't like the whole uniform color thing on me. I like the natural looking dreads where everyone is a different color, maybe one dread in itself is many different colors, etc etc. I don't want to try and dye one dread dark brown, bleach one dread so it's a lighter brown, bleach another dread lighter so it's a lighter brown, because, well, I don't think it would look right. I don't want to plan the differences in color myself. I want nature to take care of it.

From the Memories, I know that washing with detergent or dishsoap will make your color fade.

BUT. Because of the way my hair is, The little white broken roots still show.  If I don't dye it, I'm going to get those speckles everywhere. And I DO NOT WANT.

So I'm kind of stuck. Either keep dying my hair, and have it look dyed, or let the color fade, and have white spots everywhere and look like I have a bad case of dandruff.

Any suggestions?
I know it sounds kind of hypocritical, I want my hair to look natural but I want to cover up the little white spots at the same time.  The first month I dreaded  I didn't dye at all and I loved it, every dread was a different color, they were all unique, it was perfect. But then people kept commenting on the whitespots everywhere, so I was compelled to dye. I live in redneck central, and explaining to them that no, it's not dandruff, it's just broken hair doesn't work.

Thanks dudes.