November 6th, 2007


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Sooo I'm curious. A month ago I read all about felting needles and decided to try it out. It worked great.. on the middle of my dreads and near the tips. A lot of people said it was great for knotting up the roots and the new growth, but I have found that a felting needle is the last thing I should have ever used on unknotted hair. Before the felting needle I had about 3-4 inches of undreaded hair at the roots on the right side of my head.. and I still do.. except now half of the hairs have broken off where the dreaded and nondreaded part of my hair meet. It really sucks. And I can't crochet it back in because it's the exact length of the undreaded hair and it can't be crocheted back into that. I only used it on my roots once and I really didn't do that much since I was so weary of damaging my hair.. so I don't feel like I overdid it. I was just wondering if anyone else had this experience with a felting needle since all the comments in the memories say it's good for the roots?

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 sooooo many dreadies at metal skool last night on the sunset strip. i have never been before-- didn't realize it would be dready paradise-- and holycrap the show was so hilarious!
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from halloween...

I seriously haven't been photomagraphed lately, so when I am, and there's potential for a good dread shot, I'll post.

Here's how the dreadies have been faring...

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I need more beads, peyote stitches, and other kewl schtuff to put in/wrap around them. My dreads are bigger than a pencil, yet smaller than a sharpie marker. Currently my roots are a frizzy mess. *le sigh*
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The Effects of the Grand Dread Experiment.

Hi folks.
Since I'm approaching 15 years of dreadlockedness, I thought I'd take a minute to pass along a few things that have happened with these ropes on my head during that time.

1. Obviously, I get lots of questions from non-dreaded people. You guys know the drill with this one. Be nice, answer the people in a pleasant way, no matter how obnoxious they can be. The creepiest ones come from certain types of women when I meet them for the very first time--"How do you have sex?" They're not even always drunk when they ask me this. I usually just say, "Really, really well. Just ask my girlfriend." They usually don't pursue this line of questioning much further. My girl would whup their asses.

2. I lost the ability to use regular-sized towels to dry my hair a while ago. I use beach towels now--those are the only kind that will wrap up all the dreads without any slipping out of the towel. And, yeah, they can be heavy as hell when they're wet. But it fully dries in a day or so, and it stops being really wet in a few hours. I wash it every week and a half.

3. Sleeping can be interesting. If I'm not careful to throw my hair over the top of the bed or to side, I can sleep on may hair and wake up "paralyzed" because I'm on top of it. Also, I've occasionally thrown my hair and hit my girlfriend in my sleep. She says the effect is like being hit with a scratchy whip or small rolls of carpet. Sorry, baby!

4. I have to be careful of rolling chairs--I've been known to roll over my hair or break it off near the ends. Ditto car doors. My dreads can get caught in seat cushions or door handles or trees or racks in the clothing store or whatever might be sticking out... and yeah, I have to pay attention to where it lands when I sit down to use the toilet. I have to be careful not to step on it when I crouch down to do something. I have to be careful not to put my foot up behind me when I lean against a wall, or else I am likely to put my foot right on my hair. I have to be careful not to dip my hair into people's food at restaurants or buffets. All of these things are incorporated into my regular life and are not a bother, really... I'm pretty used to all of them by now.

5. Forget hats other than tams and bandannas. In fact, I never go anywhere without a bandanna on anymore because my roots are ridiculously out of control and crazy fuzzy unless I do a lot of twisting, and to be honest, I just don't have the time or energy to do it that often with so many dreads, so it's bandannas or a tam for me most of the time.

6. I'm pretty sure I have the strongest neck muscles of anyone I know.

7. Forget cam-whoring your hair. Once it gets this long, you're gonna need someone else to take pics for you. My girl is nice enough to do that for me sometimes... because my stupid ego needs feeding, and you guys are really sweet whenever I post pics.

And, just so you just remember who I am...

Serious Compulsion question

A couple of days ago I got a lovely set of locks started up and I am totally happy with them and being a worry wort about their development. Here is my problem now:

I suffer from a form of OCD called dermatillomania, compulsions to pick scabs and shedding skin cells. My dermatillomania is primarily scalp based.. In the past, this "condition" if you will hasn't been all that bad, because I've been able to use anti-dandruff shampoos which have helped rid the extra flaked therefore forcing me to keep my compulsions at bay. Now that I have dreads, I am more flakey than ever, and feel even more compelled to pick my scabs and dandruff .

So, I guess my question is this: is anti-dandruff shampoo all that bad for dreadlocks? Is there a particular dandruff shampoo I should be using? Are there non-dandruff shampoos that still rid dandruff? I've looked in the memories as best I can and all I've found is to use tea-tree oil but the problem is I have a lot of open soars and tea tree oil will sting the daylights out of me.

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Oh, it’s shiny, my hair that is. Had my good friend and neighbour Hanne helped me colour it today. I don’t have any pictures of that jet, because it’s still wet, what I do have are Halloween pictures. The party was at Hulen in Bergen vest in Norway, a really nice setting for a halloweenparty. The theme was 1920’s freak show, and I went as the knife throwers assistant. When we got there it turned out that me and my friend Thomas were almost the only ones that had costumes that had anything to do whit the theme. He went as the bearded lady. To bad you can’t really se my dreads in the photos. (the pictures are from the pre-party, more pictures from the pre-party and from the party will be posted in my LJ)

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