November 8th, 2007

A gift from Goss :)

yo tengo nueva fotografias

Alright, not to break up the monotony or anything, but here's a picture-post :D

But before I get to that...
I think I got one of the most original comments on my dreads I've gotten, thus far. A girl complimented me on them and when we talked about hair for a minute she asked me if mine "used to be dreadlocks". Used to be dreadlocks? Huh? I really didn't understand her reasoning there, haha. I informed her that they are, to the best of my knowledge, still dreadlocks.

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People Touching Your Hair Without Asking

The other night I was at this bar, and I had my dreads down (they are quite long, past my shoulders).  This guy comes up to me randomly while I was waiting in line to get a drink, and grabs one of my dreads in his hand.  He asked me "Do you ever wash these?"

"Yes" I said, somewhat annoyed that A) He was touching them without asking and B) That he asked such a question in the way that he asked, which was semi-sarcastic.

I told him that I wash them regularly and keep them clean.  Like would you go up and ask someone with brushable hair that?  And touch their hair without asking buddy??

Then, he takes the end of my dread, bends it backwards, and TICKLES MY FACE WITH IT!  Not only that, he comments "They seem kind of dirty to me"

I kind of wanted to punch him.  Instead I jerked my head away and gave him the most withering look possible (which is pretty awesome, according to people who know me).

Somehow I am certain that others have experienced people touching their hair without asking.  For whatever reason I don't mind when other dreadies do it.  My one buddy, who has had dreads for 14 years, say it's kind of like dogs sniffing each others ass, LOL.  Dreaded people meet each other, touch each others dreads, and it's somehow more acceptable than a non-dreaded person touching without asking.

What say you, community people?  Ever had a similar or worse experience??  What would/do you do?


My dreads are 20 months old today...

They've almost completely eaten their loops!
Comparison photos from their 8 month mark!...

bye now!

UPDATE: I just got a photo that shows the back:

Have a wonderful day!
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I miss my dreads! And a question about dandruff

I miss my dreads. Every time I dread my hair though the aweful dandruff monster comes. I usually wind up giving up and getting rid of them. Then about 6 months later I want dreads again.

So, my question is, what do you do about dandruff? I heard that apple cider vinegar will help but does that disolve the dandruff or just keep it a bay? I need something that will disolve the buggers when they start to show up. It's the only thing keeping me from up and dreading my hair right now!


I did RTM.....don't worry....

I'm starting a new job where I work with heavy dangerous machinery. I must have my hair tied back, which is fine. However due to job requirements I cannot wear a hood/scarf/hat/plastic sheet(?)/anything that dangles while working on my machine. My job requires me to literally go into a paint box (a big giant cube where they paint large items) and clean it as well as adjust paint nozzles, ect.

I'm fairly concerned that really gross white paint is going to end up getting on and in my dreadlocks. I can't wear anything to protect them for safety reasons (not wanting to get caught on the conveyor to be pulled to my death is one of them). I've seen other people come out of this box and they all end up fairly covered in paint.

So the question: If I did have the unfortunate experience of getting said paint on or in my there anyway I could get it out other than cutting it?
Or any suggestions for how I could sway my supervisor into giving it a second thought? He didn't seem to worried about my hair getting painted at all when I brought it up. What would you say?...or do?
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the other day i was walking down the street when this guy yells from a block away "hey girl! your dreads! i love em! you cant tell but under my hat i have some too, only you cant tell cause im wearing a hat, you know, but you're beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!"
stuff like this i guess people who i tell think is creepy but it made me smile so big, usually when people yell at me from a block away they are saying something demeaning and usually when people comment on my hair theyre asking me if i wash it.
what have you heard about your hair?
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