November 9th, 2007

pray for nothing

The making of my dreads...

So I did my dreads without really know what the hell to do. Then I watched a youtube video from knotty boys showing how to make em. Although I'm not exactly supportive of dread salons (weird concept to me) it was a really good and informative video. I don't do the wax thing but I am using a bit of aloe I got at a co-op in bulk. I love, love, love aloe! So here is my redone dreading process. I'm not done yet. Some of my dreads had tightened and made themselves so I only have to re-do like 90%:) Score!

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Whoopi's hair

I went back and forth before posting this and then couldn't find a good picture that describes what I'm looking for, but . . . I've been watching The View lately because I love Whoopi Goldberg. I'm trying to figure out how she gets her hair to do what it does. Bobby pins? One of those plastic headbands that stretch/expand and connect in a circle, but dig into your hair? The latter seems unlikely, as it needs to go all the way around your head, but maybe.

Does anybody understand what I'm trying to say here and/or know what she's doing? It looks like she's pinning the front dreads up, yet her hair looks "down" meaning not tied up.
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root loops sounds like cereal....

Yes, I read the memories, but it seems my question is a bit too specific to be answered by whats there.
I did learn extensively that root flipping is B-A-D for the dread look I want.

So here's the quick question;
My dreads are 4mo old and are knotting up fine, I am perfectly fine with the inch or so loose hair at the roots, what is bothering me is that one or two of the dreads on top have a loop of like 10-15 hairs right at the root base. It's like a very tiny thin strand of hairs is slowly working itself out of the dread starting from the root. It's not huge, but it is rather big. I am currently waiting out my hair's recovery from my recent chemical experiment, so simply pulling out this hair and sewing it back in won't work since my hair wants to tear instead right now. And, root rubbing doesn't seem to be working well. I just rubbed in the shower, and rubbed half dry, and the loop is unchanged, although the root is a bit snugger. So, granted that it's bad to flip the dread through the center of the root, would it be ok to flip it under that loose loop? Not to tighten the root, but to get that loop to chill and not stick up off my head like a little hair rainbow... Do you think this sort of mini-flip will have the same consequences as out right root flipping. I don't plan on doing this regularly, as like root maintenance or anything, just to "fix" this one annoying loop.

Thanx if you swim through my rambling to answer my question! <3

Dread Update, 4 months.

Dread Update!

It's been 4 months, and they are starting to shrink AGAIN! My dreads appear to be on a different schedule than others I've read about, but that's okay. They are super tight since I washed them in orange Palmolive too. I guess there was some residue from the natural soap I was using, so I think I'm going to use Palmolive for a while and see what happens.

I still love them, even though I've been less than attentive with the crochet hook lately. Part of it is laziness, but I've noticed a wonderful ease of living since dreading my hair, where small things bother me less, I don't get so angry anymore, and other people's opinions have far less impact on me. A good deal of this is dealing with having white girl dreads in a small town, and part of it is the way I've chosen to deal with life in the past year - either way, they work together somehow. Even though they are fuzzy, I do still get the occasional compliment on them. Before I started reading about the process, I just assumed that fuzzy dreads were not taken care of, but fuzzy dreads have a lot more to do with recent washing and wet weather than I thought! Though I admit I do need to do some crocheting, some days they decide to be poofy, other days they want to be twisty. They really do have their own way of doing things, and it's no use fighting them.

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hellloooooo STRANGERS! or, those just strange.
i know i've been long absent, and even possibly *GASP* forgotten, howeva...

i still exist!
i know.
crazy but true.
been travelling up and down the west coast like a mad woman - by foot, bicycle, thumb, and volvo. been places i've never heard of, wouldn't believe, and may never even find again.

going, goin, go I!

good, eh?
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so, other than just random hey, how ya doins, etc (which means picture peeking *meeep lurve squish chomp*), i was posting to remind all you beautifully knotty west coasters that
knot your average girl
still exists in full force and has spread from california to the states of oregon and washington as well.

incase anyone here is looking for installation or maintenance, i'm always looking for some fun new heads to play with. oh, and nowadays, if you're interested, i can even come with a puppy. he's rad. :D
(...or no puppy, if you're pupllergic!)

blondiedread @ gmail dot com for any interested parties.

and lish, if you're still in seattle, we should do tea some time, and discuss the magic of colour? :)


I know it's only been a day and a half, but I did one dread (because I'm growing my hair until January until I do a whole head) and now it's worrying me because I don't know if I've "done it" right.
I feel like a right moron for posting this but I know I won't leave it alone until I have a clear conscience....

so please, what does this look like to you? honestly?
there are loose hairs and fuzz everywhere! have I touched it too much?
I backcombed and palmrolled.