November 11th, 2007

Dread envy 2

Warning Rant!
Ok so after reading the memories I came across the concept of dread envy which seems fairly straight forward. People envying you and you envying other people's dreads. However I think I'm going through a different type of dread envy. My friend's had dreads for a year maybe two not quite sure anywho a friend that she got close to started to ask her about art techniques in class then started to use them. My friend got pretty mad about it.  Then my friend started mixing synthetic hair into her own dreads and about 2 months later the girl who copied her work decided to do it too. My friend was fuming so because I considered myself friends with both girls I asked this girl about her hair. She said that my friend had told her she would look good with them and couldn't understand why she was slagging her off.
    Now I've got dreads and  Im mature enough to realise that my friend must be pretty insecure to think that people are stealing her style or whatever is goin though her head but I worry if she gonna start bitchin about me getting dreads. I know I'm not copying her I told her long time ago I wanted braids (but on contemplation my hair was too split ended so I got dreads instead).
   All the other dreadheads back home who got told I was getting dreads down here at uni were very supportive. From my previous experiance dreadheads seem to be a pretty open minded bunch especially you guys here at GUDU but I was wondereing if anyone else here had problem with established dreadheads they know being bitter about new people getting them?

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I too am new

My dreads are about two months old. I've been stalking this community for some time now and thought it was time to post. There is a great dreadlock community here in the interior of Alaska (Fairbanks). Not many dog musher/journalists with dreads though...I may be the only one.
Thanks for all the great posts and advice. I love this site.

A cutie hat I found that is actually quite warm.

will dreads keep my neck warm?

I've decided to get dreads, despite my boyfriend's worries that I'll look bad. And the possibility probability that his parents will tease me about it constantly.  I have one concern though.  I live in Massachusetts and we have damn cold winters here.  I've always loved how my hair keeps my neck warm.  Will dreads have the same insulating effect?  I have pretty thick hair, and I'm planning on making my dreads on the thinner side, if that matters.  Thank you!!!
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Philosophical angst about my hair, society and... stuff

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(Holy crap, I so did not mean to write that much. But, uh. Would so so so so so appreciate it if anyone could add their thoughts. Feel free to call me a lunatic. I already think I am.)

EDIT: I am dumb and messed up the LJ cut.

SON OF EDIT: Thank you all so much for your lovely, lovely comments. I would try and respond individually buy my brain has kind of died from the 'yay they didn't call me a crazy bastard!' (had a bad experience with a fanart exchange just a few days ago. >>;) Just, you all helped for me to believe in humans again. Might sound really weird, but it's true. Thank you.
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