November 13th, 2007


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only four days old, took about 2 hours, and a few sets of hands...

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ps. anyone know how to say tea tree oil in spanish? i unsucessfully asked at the market for "aceite del árbol de té" and got a lot of blank stares. maybe "aceite de melaleuca," - melaleuca oil? y/y?

Dying my hair

Hello. I have dirty blond hair on the top of my head, and 2 year old bleached hair at the bottom.

I want to get rid of the blonde on the bottom because i dont like it. My first choice would be to dye the bottom the same color as the top. But i know that the probability of getting the exact same color is very unlikely. Do you think it would look funny if there were two similar shades on my head, but not exact?

Or should i dye the bottom a pretty chestnut brown? or dark hennaish red/maroon? Your opinions are appreciated very much.

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I'm baaaaack!

so after a LOOOOONG time not posting (although I have been commenting) I've finally got a post for all y'all.

Last time I updated I had recently arrived in England. After 6 months there, I've now been back in the states for about 5 months and I am very happy to be home, although I miss Brighton everyday. My dreads have also progressed, and while I am not going to do a timeline just yet (their two year dreadiversary is a month and a half away!), I figured I'd give you guys a few pictures.

But, that's not all! If you click right now you will also get spectacular pictures of a new (awesome) dread friend all in the SAME CLICK. How can you beat that price?

So now, I present to you,

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connor oberst

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This may seem sort of silly... oh well!
I've wanted my dreads back for quite a long time, and I decided this summer, it's it. I'm waiting for the back of my hair to grow out to proper dreading length. It's only at about two inches now, and I really want enough for them to stick. My biggest concern is entering the work world. I've had dreads in the past as I said, but it was in high school, and I had little responsibility. Now, I'm about to enter the professional world, and a big concern is having trouble finding a job because I'm dready.
Are there any professionals on the forum? Any suggestions? The reason I'm timing the locks for this summer is also because I'm going to be up in Canada and I feel like it would be a good freeing experiance... but i certianly don't want to lose the locks when I return.
Thanks for any advice and such.
me painted

stubborned hair...

I know there's a fair amount of Knotty Boy product-hate going on here, but I'm looking for comments from people who have used (and liked) their Dread tightening gel.

My hair is really, really straight and fine and has resisted any hairstyle I've ever tried to put it in- and apparently dreads are no exception.

I'm on my fourth day of palm rolling and back combing and I woke up from a nap to find the back three dreads looked practically like I had never done anything to them at all. Frustrating.

I would also like to hear advice from people as to alternatives that don't include back-combing for two hours a day.
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Combining dreads, then a small rant.

So, this is my first post, but due to my chronically lost camera there will be no peek-tchers. So, I've recently decided that my dreads are far too uniform for the most part, so I am letting them grow together gradually as I wash them. A certain clump seems to be matting up rather well at the base but I am unsure of what to do with the free ends. Will they eventually mat together also? Should I r&t&r&t&r&t them?. Similar posts in the memories didn't really cover this.

Now to the rant. -_-; So I'm at work, helping the new cashier count her register and receipts, when this post-middle-aged lady approaches me. I reply with something absurd and everyone laughs like usual, I mean what can I'm say? Well... I'm pretty much hilarious... Glad I got that out of the way. Anyway so she replies, "I think you've got your hair braided too tight."

I laugh and say something to the effect of , "close, but not quite..."

She replies, "But seriously, hasn't anyone told you that white people can't have dreads? I mean the look is obviously not working for you. Why do you want to be black?"

"do you honestly think you know anything about me because I have dreadlocks? Do you really think I think dreads will make me black?"

"Well, I don't need to talk to you young man, you're ignorant, immature, and you obviously lack common-sense."

Then she left.

The sheer audacity of her statements shocked me to the very core. She just made blatantly racist comments in front of all of her co-workers and nobody made a peep.

I really didn't even know racism was even an issue anymore. I guess I was ignorant.
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