November 14th, 2007


Dreadless in Michigan

I feel like the biggest dumbass in the entire world right now.
Almost hating myself, and I hate anyone or anything.

I combed out my dreads this morning.

They itched so bad and I couldn't take it. I scratched and scratched and was still flipping out. Me and itching don't do well, obviously. Also, they smelled like cigarettes smoke and booze. reaked of it. I thought, "Maybe if I wash them, the itch will be gone and so will the smell," so I turned the sink on and scratched and lathered and washed and washed my scalp, letting the shampoo run down to my dreads.
I put a towel on my head, and the itch was gone, so I was happy and itchless.

About 15 minutes later, I take the towel off and look in the mirror. My dreads are completely fucked. I felt my heart sink, and I wanted to scream, but that would be too much seeing as how it was 5:00 in the morning.

Before I knew it, I was tearing up my hair with a comb. Clumps and clumps of crimpy hair filled the bathroom sink, and I felt like a failure.

I lost a lot of hair in the process, but gained an itchless head and a clean head of hair. But now I have zero self confidence, and I'm very, very depressed.

I wish I could go back in time and just deal with the itches. I'd still have a beautiful head of dreadies.

They would have been 22 days old today.
Here are the last pictures of I have of them:

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Even after just a day, I feel like a huge part of me is missing.
Expect to see a new set of dreads very soon. Believe it!
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shpidoinkle-3.5 months old.

I've noticed that alot of the pictures I post here have drugs in them. Oh well. What can I say?

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I have an interview today. I work in a call center currently, so no one really see's my hair. I'm kind of nervous, I've never had an interview with the dread's before. And its for an investment consultant position, so, like, that's pretty hardcore and un-"hippie", I guess you could say. Wish me luck.
A gift from Goss :)


I got one of the dreadies in the back of my head hooked on my door frame this morning.
I was rushing out all happily and quickly to go to class and then---WHOMP!

...and suddenly I'm on my ass.

Talk about a buzzkill, haha.
The dread came unhooked when I went down though, so it's still doing nicely.

But I think it did it on purpose.            
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Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Bethany, I'm 16 and while I don't have dreadlocks, I love the way they look and would love to grow my hair out and have them. My hair is only about 2 inches all over my head right now, and my mom would shit a brick if I told her I wanted dreads, so like everything else I really want, until my 18th birthday, it waits.

I know there are a lot of negative stereotypes that go with dreads, but being a vegetarian, feminist, homeschooler, I've kind of gotten used to stereotypes and I can't wait to be able to acquire some dreads. and hey, I look at it this way: I got a hell of a lot of time to learn about them! :)