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[17 Nov 2007|10:23am]
Does dread shampoo go bad?
Well, maybe "go bad" is a poor term, but does it stop working well after a while?
My friend is giving me some dread shampoo from when he had dreads four years ago and I'm wondering if it will be effective.
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[17 Nov 2007|11:40am]
So I've read the memories and I've seen several people mention that they used a combination of rip n' twist and backcombing to start their dreads. What I'm not so sure about is what exactly that means. How do you combine the two methods? Do you r/t some dreads while backcombing others, or do you do both on the same dread? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but I didn't see it fully explained in the memories. Or maybe I'm blind.

Also, I don't know if anyone noticed this but some of the links in the "how to use the memories" post aren't working. For me at least.

And btw, hi! My name is Stacia, I've been a member of this community for years but this is my first post. My hair used to be really short and I wanted it to grow before taking the plunge. And it's almost that time! I'm so excited!

Any other Hoosiers in here?
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The Lush soap... [17 Nov 2007|01:05pm]
worked a treat! My dread felt squeaky clean, something Ive not had with the Knotty boy bar Ive been using.

So yep. Its tightened 'em up a treat. No itching. Awesome!
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MY BOYFRIEND IS WEIRD. [17 Nov 2007|02:39pm]
but then again, they all are.

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You Know What They Say About Assuming... [17 Nov 2007|05:45pm]

Recently someone I only sort-of know commented that she was surprised I ate meat (in direct referance to my dreads).  That, and another comment on another thread got me to wondering.

 Have you ever noticed that sometimes people assume that just because you have dreads you must automatically be:

- a vegetarian
- someone who only buys fair-trade, totally natural, organic products
- an environmental activist/ 'tree hugger'
- a hippie
- a pot smoker

Please don't think that I am saying there is anything wrong with being any of those things.  I just find it curious that people assume dreadlocks must automatically make you one/some/all of the above (among others that I can't think of right now).

I suppose it's not all that surprising.  Just as people often assume dreadies never wash their hair/are dirty.  Funny, but sometimes annoying.

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quick update [17 Nov 2007|07:11pm]
leaning forward over my camera:

almost three weeks old here. (what? confused? click here.)

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i'm pleased with their development, as you would expect.

i also added a couple updated shots of joe's dreads on his page on my hair site.


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[17 Nov 2007|09:45pm]
i saw the greatest woman in the world.

i would say she was in her mid to late fifties, maybe early sixties. she had looooong white hair down to her butt, and you guessed it, she had dreadlocks!

thats one bitchin' granny!
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belated halloween pictures... [17 Nov 2007|09:51pm]
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photopost-crossposted to my journal [17 Nov 2007|11:09pm]
Two times in one day! I know. It's nutty.

I realized I hadn't taken my monthly hair progress pictures last month or this month so I had to get on it and make up for lost time with more pictures than usual.

I didn't realize they were looking as good as they were either. Awesome. It's been 10 months. Woah.

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