November 19th, 2007

:) thank you all!

wow...haha i cant believe that my post spurred an lj minifight..i feel important now!

anyways, to be diplomatic:

thank you to all who gave me practical advice, such as to simply NOT put anything in my hair. ive heard from so many people and so many places that wax is the way to go, and i felt...dare i say inadequate? that i wasnt using anything. thank you all!

and! thank you to those who directed me to the memories; yes, you called it: im extremely lazy and trying to get other people to do work for me! anyways, ive got more questions, such as ones concerning the annoying little loopie things that are occuring in two of my dreads... >_< so i guess ill just have to search the memories. bahh oh the complete responsibility and initiative of it all....hahaha.
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Hey there :)
My name is Morgan. I've been watching this community for a long time. I've wanted dreads for several years now, but I decided to respect the decision of my parents and wait until I was eighteen to finally get them. All of your guys' lovely pictures certainly didn't help my wait any; they just made me want them more! Anyways, I FINALLY got dreads myself, and I'm so incredibly excited about them. I got them done professionally, because...well, I just felt it was worth it. Now i shall stop rambling and show you 
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seeing everyone's long, pretty dreads is making me excited for mine to get that long!

those who do have long dreads, did they start off a lot shorter and grow? or was your hair already long?

i'm so impatient! they seem like they've been this length since day 1 (a year and month ago)!

oh well, i know it's going to take time, but ya know, i want it now! :P
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Just a few dread beads I've been making....

I just wanted to share pictures of some of the many dread beads I've been making.... My husband asked me the other day how many beads I had in my hair, and I guessed about 20. He took the time to count them all, and I've got a grand total of 31 in my locks :-) He thinks it's pretty hysterical that I've got so many, and has started calling me "the beaded lady".

Anyways, here's the pics....

The first 4 are clay:

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to cut or not to cut

I posed this question earlier this month. So then some people asked to see pictures. I posted some a few days ago. Some of you thought maybe they were just too long. Just curious what you all think now that you've seen recent pictures.