November 20th, 2007


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So questions :

Suggestions on Mullet Like Hair? I've been growing mine out and plan on dreading soon but the back is much longer in comparison to the rest of my head. Should I chop the back up or leave it as is? Has anyone grown dreads out in this manner? Did they get ridiculously long in the back?

Also, looking to dread in January sometime. This is mainly concerning Lishd and those interested in having her come out mid January (after the 12th) to San Francisco and doing some work with a few of us. I remember posting a while back but maybe we can schedule something in stone? That is if Lishd is willing!
koalas are weak little bitches

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So wandering target I found this stuff.

Wasn't thinking anything of it because it was so expensive, but when I looked at it in the store it mentioned it helps tame stray hairs, but I'm assuming temporarily. It also says it softens the hair, and I'm not sure how detrimental that could be for my dreads.
I don't know, right now I'm waiting for my aloe plants to get bigger so I can use that to help with the loose hair, but that might take a long time... Considering my hair is bleach damaged to death and I'm salt water all the time forever, it probably wouldn't hurt too much.

dude at the DMV said I had the "do of the day"
Which sort of made my life.

And I'm working on explaining to my polish grandma that dreads were common in europe, seriously.



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i recently moved into my bf's gypsy wagon rv. my dreads are a little over 2 years old. he has looong extensions and wraps cuz his dreads are so short. we were searching for waterfalls but there wasnt enough rain...

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