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[23 Nov 2007|07:48am]
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A random assortment of (tons of) photos...Collapse )
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mini-post. [23 Nov 2007|06:54pm]
hope everyone's thanksgiving went well, and that none of you had to deal with the same sort of family nonsense i did. we usually gather with my mum's side of the family, and as one of my cousins is a beautician/hair stylist/ultimate authority on all hairstyles EVAR, i always get the usual ignorant garbage about my hair: dreads are for black people, they're dirty, you have to cut them off, etc. add into the fact that my aunt and her children lean heavily on the racist side and you can only imagine where it goes from there. i've just stopped paying attention to it for the most part, aside from periodic attempts to throw in an educational truth- but some people just can't be helped. besides, after a while they lose interest in my hair and start giving me shit about my piercings and tattoos instead.

ah, the life of the modified.

anyways, to supplement my post-turkey whining and since i left my good camera back at school, have some crappy cell-phone pictures!Collapse )

the last three pictures make me want to shave the sides of my head. bad.
i would love love love a dreadhawk. arrrgggh.
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Sadhu dude in India. 8 feet long, the thingy said. [23 Nov 2007|08:36pm]
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2 month dread post wooo [23 Nov 2007|10:39pm]
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