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[01 Dec 2007|03:14am]
hello everybody! my name is nicole. people call me nicole, nick, nicky, nicky-c, nixie, nicollette, and whatever else so feel free to call me what you want. i posted a few weeks ago with a question about a friend's dreads and also explained my story a bit but let me do a quick recap before i get into the events of todayCollapse )

the story is a bit long and i can understand if you want to skip it... click here for the pictures :)Collapse )
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Late Thanksgiving [01 Dec 2007|09:56am]
I just uploaded all of my thanksgiving pictures.

My cousin Jesse has been dreaded for 9 or 10 years now.

cutCollapse )
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Dreadhead/Snow Picture Request!!! [01 Dec 2007|08:25pm]
Okay, I love snow, but haven't seen it in person in THREE YEARS.

I love that everyone's been excited about snow too and taking pictures, so here's the (non)official shoutout/request for dreads in snow, you as a dreadhead in snow, w/e, as long as it concerns S-N-O-W!!!!


A Former Minnesotan
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Mr. Pregnant dread litterally lovin' dude. [01 Dec 2007|08:34pm]

Remember Mr.Pregnant??? That dude on youtube with the "How to make love to a dreadlock" vid?? We all had differing reactions... well he got BANNED! Check out this vid! It's some-what-sorta-kinda-round-a-bout dread related, right??? It made me laugh till I nearly peed myself anyway! Hahahaa! And we get a nice close up of the tight roots at the top of his head. He does have nice locs.... But he's too funny!

Caution: man-boobs.
Delete if inappropriate and I'll take the clue not to post junk like this again (^_^)
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5 month old update! [01 Dec 2007|09:13pm]
With clearer pictures this time!Collapse )
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