December 3rd, 2007

Deep cleaning dreads

I found this in another forum. I haven't tried it yet but according to the responses it works really well.

Get a BIG bowl of warm water
mix in about 3/4 c of baking soda,
8-9 drops of tea tree oil,
2 T of lemon juice,
2T of salt
stir until well dissolved
use a squirt bottle or something to apply to your scalp and soak all your dreads real well
wrap up in a towel and let them sit for like 1/2 an hour or so
then rinse (and rinse again ).

According to the poster and those who replied it got rid of a lot of buildup deep within the dreads. They found the water that was rinsed was all dirty. I haven't tried it yet because my dreads are still new. But I plan on doing this about once a month to keep them really clean inside.
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i checked the memories but didn't really see anything that helped me.

my dreads are coming undone. i think it's because they are too soft. does anyone have any idea on how to dry out my hair more? salt water is not working really well to knot them. is lemon juice stronger?

oh and palm rolling makes the problem worse. did anyone else experience that? how did you overcome it?

Pretty much sums up corporate attitude to dreads...

I saw this on Kottyboy's FAQ for maintaining 6+ months ood dreads (i was bored - Im unemployed, girls gotta waste time somehow - ok ;) )

Some poor bastard asks...

I started my locks with gel and grease. It's been 2 yrs and my niece who also has locks said she cut hers and inside was old grease and gel and smudge! I was grossed out! So I cut a tip on mine and it was the same! I really like them but I am totally grossed out. I rinsed my hair in boiling hot water, twice, and while the surface is clean and stuff, way, way down is still old grease and sludge! It smells good, looks good, but I'm grossed out...I'm thinking about cutting them, or I was wondering if there's some super cleaner?

They reply....

You know what? I wouldn't worry about it! If they look and smell great, who cares what's going on deep inside your beautiful locks? Here's a hint... all dreads look freaky inside if you cut them open, even ones that haven't been made with anything at all. All locks are is just matted hair which can look a little crazy, but I wouldn't sweat it and I sure wouldn't cut them just cuz they look a little weird inside. You don't see it, and neither does anyone else!


"Yeah our wax that we encourage you to blather all over your hair will fuck it up and make your dreads shit but DONT LOOK AND YOULL BE FINE KTHNXS BAI!"

Glad I found GUDU early...
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So my roomate's boyfriend thing was telling someone at home about me.. "this girl who has rings and ... crackers in her dreads"

he meant beads, but didn't know what they were called, so he said crackers.

sea gyspy


I'm getting a little frantic.
The lady who normally does my hair hasn't returned my phone calls,
now I have all sorts of loose ends and much needed maintenance.
I'm contemplating teaching a girl who crochets how to work on dreads,
but just in case I thought I'd check in here to see if anyone
knows anyone - or is someone who can work on dreads in the
north San Francisco Bay Area. I'm in Marin and don't really
want to travel out.
Any info is appreciated.

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My friend recently told me that dreads make me look more straight (huh?), so I was wondering... how many of you are queer dreadies? REPRESENT! :D

And because no pictures is no fun... (sort of themed? ha)
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upon deciding to sew up some of my loose tips i found it very easy to pull the ends apart and wondered how difficult it would be to take a whole dread out, or at least up to the new growth. naturally, i had a panicky dream that night that i took them all out, tip to root.
this is one reason i try not to fool with the tips; the twitchy curiosity is hard to resist. do you find that having dreads increases compulsive behavior or curbs it?

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