December 4th, 2007

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further revisions

many have complained about the community interests, & i hate it too. i think i've pared it down to just hair-related things now. take a scan through & see if you want me to remove or add anything else. while members of this community may be interested in whatever types of music & sports & "other activities", i'm trying to represent everyone here, so please keep it hair-related.
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My head has like, gone 'fro style. I have the fuzzies like you wouldn't believe. And they're not the kind I can just crotchet into the other dreads.

I don't really notice it that often (I try my best to ignore it) but we were smokin some pot (surprise?) and my friend took a picture, and wow.

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The top is dry, the bottoms are still damp from a shower. Help? I have no problems at all withthe ends or the actual dreads, they're all maddd tight and the ends, meh, all in good time. And I know if I wait then the 'fro will go away too, but I can't wait. Work, you know. I have lots of headwraps, etc, but I just want to know if there's anything else I can do. I looked in the memories, OF COURSE, but the crotchet thing wo't work because they're mosty little tiny loops, i've tried, and I don't think felting them in will work either... and I wash my hair with sea salt soap, so i got that down pat too.

what to do?
happy now?


so, i have never posted here before so; here goes nothing.

i don't have dreads, even though i have so much love for them! I just got a new job and they are so obsesssed with apperance, that i don't think i could possibly dread my hair and them put up with it. but, (!!) in a couple of months i will be quiting and trying to get a call center job. do you think they would have a problem with dreads?

and is there anyway to know if dreads will fit you? I'm a pretty girly girl.
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and a dreaded picture of my best friend; <3
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I'm sure you all probably don't remember me, but I posted WAAAYYYY back in June about wanting dreads but being unsure because I have two different textures of hair on my head. (chemically relaxed hair and new curly growth). Well, after conversations with all types of people and posts to another community, all ending with a resounding "NO!", I have decided to throw fat into the flames.

Everyone i've talked to in my immediate family and in a very helpful community advised me against dreads. They all have told me that it simply cannot be done because of my situation. I, honestly, can't see why I can't do it. These people have given me no substantial evidence as to why I shouldn't do it, only that it's a bad idea. If everything ends badly(I have a feeling it won't), then what the F*&%? It's only hair, it will grow back.

My old ex-boyfriend from Parochial school(who has been dreaded for the past two years) is going to start my dreads for me on January 5th. *Key in harp playing and skies opening up* There is NO WAY IN HELL that i'm going to back out on this-I have waited too long. I actually do have a question though:

Before starting my dreads should I wash them in some sort of harsh soap and let them air dry or is it best to wash my hair a few days before, blow dry them in my normal routine and start from semi-clean hair? I'm a little nervous about everything, but i'm going to leave things to fate. The one thing I am insisting on is no rubber bands and no wax under any circumstances. Right now my hair texture is rather course and straight. I don't wash my hair often(maybe once or twice a week?) because I just don't need to. It starts getting really oily otherwise. I have a long time to wait until then. I'm so excited! I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.
And because i know you people love pictures:
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I'm new and I want to introduce myself.
My name's Sorrel, I'm 19, I'm a law-student, a bartender and a charity-shop worker and I like partying, books, music and various other things.

Onto the hair.
Currently the majority of my hair is just beyond chin-length and the back is a little shorter. I stopped using conditioner recently and started using the method I found on KnottyBoy to make a few 'dreads' last night. I haven't done my whole head of hair because I did a few then went out and I rather like the messiness of my hair right now.

This was two weeks ago, the most recent photo I have but I actually chopped off about another inch.

as you can kind of see, my hair is rather straight but I'm hopefully going to snap some photos over the next couple of days so there might be another update because it already looks alot different.

I'd love to read why everyone decided to get dreads if you've time! I've wanted them for about a year but I was working full-time at an office where they weren't exactly open-minded. However, I got into Law school, started working at a couple of fun places, having an awesome time and feeling good about myself and the look just seems to fit me right now.

There's a bunch of stuff on that seems rather interesting such as the dread shampoo. Washing my hair is a bit of a concern actually. I have a pretty sensitive scalp and even though I read tea tree oil is soothing and should stop any itchiness should I get any, tea tree oil really irritates my skin and I'd rather not use it so I'm considering buying the KnottyBoy stuff. Anyone used it before?

I think I read something in the memories here about not needing to use wax on new dreads, I haven't felt the urge to use anything on mine but I read somewhere that if your dreads are short, you'll need to use wax to keep them in. Is this right? 



I've been admiring/addicting myself to gudu for a long time, but finally got my lazy ass to post. My name is Martyna, and I started my dreadies on sept 20....but seeing as I'm a huge procrastinator, I didn't get done till...ohhhhh...beginning of november, so my head is at all sorts of different stages right now...and i like it :)

My oldest dreads have knotted up so insanely fast and they're feeling pretty solid and fat, (and they look like little "turds" according to some friends haha)...., whereas the newest dreads are at the peak of loopiness right now...sooo fun to play with....

either way i'm loving it and wishing i had done this years ago!

before (i'm on the left):
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