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My dreadies! :) [05 Dec 2007|08:16am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Been stalkin' this community for a little while now, haha. It helps me to see other's dreads, it gives me something to look forward to when I'm hating on mine, haha. :) Anyways, my story is 4 months ago my best friend and I began to dread our hair, we do everything together and we have for 13 years, so why not dread our hair together? Its a fun journey, I've met more people who actually like them then hate them, its been exciting. :)

Mine are 4 months they look like this: :)

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6 years + counting [05 Dec 2007|12:57pm]
I'm not a very active member of this community, but I thought someone might help shed some light on my dilemma.

To cut or not?

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All dreaded up! [05 Dec 2007|04:42pm]
Last Friday, tehjos came over and dreaded mah hair. Yay! I know how y'all love peekchurs, so here are a few for your viewing pleasure and to show my gratitude for the gudu memories. Oh so helpful! Alors, voici des photos:

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[05 Dec 2007|07:17pm]
how do i prevent dreads from becoming one huge dread
cause i tried yarn, wax, ripping and twisting, crotcheting, and leaving it alone, and it always just goes back to one huge tangled dread
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[05 Dec 2007|09:43pm]
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