December 6th, 2007

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 Hey, sorry for the stupid post.
But i read something on here last night about Apple Cider Vinegar, and now i cant find the post.
Does anyone know what im talking about?
and could you send me the link?


four months

I've been feeling pretty sick for the last month or so, so mostly I've been staying in bed, living in nightclothes and not paying much attention to my looks or hair...
BUT I've finally got some clues as to what my malady is and I've got a meeting with a counselor/therapist/person today so things are looking up.

all that crap was mentioned just to say I'm feeling better than I have in a bit so I decided to actually put on some clothes and try something new with my dreads (which hit four months on the 1st...I think.)

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blurry is good

ok, no cut.

I slept on it, and after an overwhelming and very convincing, lengthy number of comments to my last post, I have decided that cutting my dreadies off would be silly and wouldn't solve a thing.

It's my fiance's birthday tomorrow, and his father sent him this long ass email telling him how he's getting older and should take out his piercings and not get any more tattoo's and "Dress for success." I saw all these emails and took it kind of personally, like wow, maybe I need to grow up and dress for success... IE, maybe his father thinks it'll rub off on me, too? I am the one without a steady job here.

I don't think so. I may try and trim them down, maybe put my nose stud back in, and send out a few resumés before doing anything drastic! And more pictures, of course.

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Enjoy. And thanks, everyone, for your comments to my last post. Much appreciated!
A gift from Goss :)

dreadstentions and tea tree oil.

Okay, so I know the ins and outs of dread extensions thanks to the memories.
There was this post a little while back that got me thinking though. A person used the synth hair that you can get at Claire's or places like that and successfully made some extensions, but she didn't go into detail about exactly what kind of synth hair it was so I'm a little confused (I have zero experience with synths).

My main point here is that I have these two electric purple synth hair clips that I now really want to dread up and sew into my locks.

Now, I remember the OP saying something about how the hair she used was like barbie doll hair and it still managed to work, but the hair I have is like..dollar general styley. It's REALLY cheap and silky and fake. I just love that color.

I'm wondering if anyone (particularly the OP?) has any tips on dreading up the synth hair or any experience trying it with the cheap-o stuff I have. Do you think it will unravel easier than natural locks?

I'm definitely going to try it  tonight  unless I get a definite response that it shouldn't work and I'll be wasting my time. Theoretically I think I have a shot. I'll take pictures of how it turns out to post after I do my first deep cleaning

Oh! That reminds me... with the deep cleaning recipe how vital is the tea tree oil? I know it's all antifungal and stuff, and fungal doesn't sound good for dreads, but I can't be arsed to go out and buy some right now and I really want to clean them tonight. Should the baking soda and everything get them clean enough, or will I be wasting my time yet again?

:) Stay knotty.

((Oh, and as a sidenote: I found a fabulous gay guy who wears white linen from Bermuda to maintenance my dreads for me for $50. I love his hair, and I've seen that he did good work on my friend's dreads, but I've never had it done before by anyone. Do you think $50 is a good rate? It seemed fair to me, at least...))
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Small French boy oy oy oy


Just wanted to share an awesome dread-washing experience I had that made my head feel sooooooooo good. My scalp gets so freakin dry in the winter. All the crazy snow made things horribly scalp got exxxtra dry, itchy and "tight" feeling :(

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2nd time around

a meer 2 weeks young!

also, is there any type of method to keep dreads very kinky, curlyish? i love the kinks & waves they have right now, if they were just a tad bit tighter they'd be perfect to me.
i tried the zero palm rolling on my last set, but unfortunately they still became pretty straight in time.

by the way all your heads are beautiful =]