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Pittsburgh people. [08 Dec 2007|10:31am]
Here's a plea for help:

Is there anyone in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area willing to do maintenance on year old dreads?

There's not terribly much work to be done; I need some root work and have typical loose hair that, despite my efforts, I cannot get to stay in. Most of my tips are already rounded but help with that would be A+, but not necessary.

Any collateral can be negotiated. I would just really appreciate someone's help and, alas, most people in my town don't even know what dreadlocks are.
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[08 Dec 2007|07:02pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

so my Dreadfamily and i went out and did a little photo shoot.
totally amatuer, totally fun.
and heres what we have to show for it.

tyler state parkCollapse )

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Oh yeah! [08 Dec 2007|07:11pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I just had to take a moment and say...


They rule.

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Dread hairstyles! [08 Dec 2007|08:45pm]
Here are some different things I've been doing with my hair lately.

After curling with Clairol Hotsticks, my favorite so far. Here I am making my Zoolander face:

a couple more.Collapse )
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[08 Dec 2007|09:41pm]
It was time for a change. A big one.

Before (just last month):

After...Collapse )
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