December 9th, 2007

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I've only had my dreads for like, a year and two months (today!), and looking at all these people who post with pictures of new dreads makes me think back to when I first got mine. They were so poofy and spazzy. I loved them cuz of the wild look, but I also love them so much now cuz they're tighter and more.. dready(?) lol

I've been reading a lot of posts with stories (I've wanted dreads for years...!) and I admire people who think things out like that. I think that if I sat pondering for months about doing it or not, I'd get bored with the idea and move on. I think cuz I'm spur of the moment and thats how my dreads came too. but I like the imspirational stuff!

One more:
Sometimes I"ll be in the shower washing my hair, or in the mirror and just get a strange 'i can't believe i actually have dreads' feeling. i never in a million years would have thought i'd end up with dreads one day.. but i love them!!!

oh man, I gotta get to bed
just a little ramble haha

my first post ^-^

hey everybody, long time lurker, first time poster.
 my dreads are about 6 months old at the moment, but the thin spots are really worrying me,
i was just wondering, if i go out and buy some human hair and then somehow sew it around the weak spot would that work? I would try make the sewed in hair overlap into the parts of the dreads that have reguler thickness so that the weak spots are both thicker and more secure.
anyone tried it before?

this picture doesnt show off my dreads well as it shows me when i temperarily extended them and wrapped them all in coloured wool for a festival.<br>
im realy new to this website, would appreciate some new friends :) oddly nobody i know in real life has ever heard of live journal.

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This isn't totally dread related.....but it relates to dreaded people.

I'm looking for some unique necklaces and earrings, on the earthy looking side. I want to buy handmade and I want to support dreaded artisans.

I know there are some beautiful dread heads here that have Etsy shops or online shops with handmade jewelry. Can you share your shop addresses here?


11 months old!

i can't wait until they're a year old.
i bleached some of my locks out of boredom, and i can feel them becoming weak and the crunchy sound they make is pretty nasty.  i feel bad for bleaching them ): ! 

i also cleaned up all of the loose hairs last night, so that makes me feel good.

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