December 10th, 2007

some silly bet i made

In August, WVU's football team was ranked #3 in the nation. I'm in the band and we travel almost everywhere with the football team, so it's a pretty big deal to me and my friends. Anyways, back in August, while just sitting around bored, I made a bet with my section leader that if WVU won the national championship, he could cut off all my dreadlocks. Scary, huh? I made the bet figuring that we wouldn't make it that far, but if we did, it wouldn't be that big of a deal because I was going to get rid of them sometime. So the season came and now has gone, we've moved all around and as high as #2, but now we're ranked #9 and are going to the Fiesta Bowl, not the national champs.

So then why am I posting this?

Because I'm going to cut them anyways.

I'm ready for a change. I remember Lishd writing a long time ago that a decision like cutting off your dreads has to be well-thought out, not just a spontaneous thing. It's been in the back of my mind since August, but in the past few months, I've been thinking more about it, and I know I'm ready. I love them to death, but I feel like I've outgrown them almost. For instance, I was walking around a flea market with my parents looking for a hookah (my friend wanted it for her birthday), and I couldn't help but feel that everyone was stereotyping me. I haven't felt that way since I first started my dreads 3 years ago...normally, it doesn't bother me. I think it has just started now because I know I'm ready to get rid of them.

Almost everyone in the band and all my friends know about the original bet, but few know that I'm going to cut them anyways. A lot are surprised, which is understandable, since my college friends have only known me with dreads, but some reactions were a little over-the-top (I don't know how else to put it). Example: one of my friends, who I'd like to think marches to the beat of his own drum, told me that it was a bummer that I was cutting my dreads because "dreads make a person." I don't think he was kidding, and it really bothered me. If people only know me because of my hair, then hell yeah I'm cutting it off. I used to be afraid of not having a strong enough personality without my hair, but it's necessary for one's character to not hide behind something artificial like that, you know? I'm ready to let everyone know my real personality. I'm in the middle of college, and I need to be strong enough to enter the real world.

I guess the theme of this post is being ready to grow up. I'm ready.

My mother has grown quite fond of my dreads (in our recent family portrait for church, she made sure they were resting on my shoulder instead of pulled back and not showing!). However, she is all for a "real hairstyle." I'd be surprised if she hasn't already set up an appointment at a salon for when I get back from the Fiesta Bowl. She stands behind my decision 100%, and I know it's not because I'll have brushable hair. It feels really good to have support like that.

So this is my introductory post so you won't be so surprised when you see a chopping post in early January. I'll be sure to take LOTS of pictures before, during, and after the scissors fly.

And because I personally only like posts with pictures, here's one I haven't put up yet:
november dreads
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So, the memories say to wait a week inbetween bleachings... but why? My hair feels pretty nice still since I didn't use very harsh bleach & it was virgin, so I'm wondering why I can't just bleach again in a day or two...
bear suit

The top of my head.

Howdy, doodies.
Not that it particularly matters (or that you can actually see it very well in this pic), but it has occurred to me I haven't posted a pic that shows my noggin without some kind of covering.

So, without undue ado (if you can say those last two words out loud without giggling a little, you're more mature than I am)... here ya go.

There ya go. Nothing to fuss about, I guess, aside from some sloppy roots, a receding hairline and lots of gray hair.

January SF Dread-Up.

who was interested again in having lishd come the weekend of january the 18th? the ticket will be around $250, split between whomever wants work done. also, we still need confirmation and contact information for housing for her and joe and details on exactly what work you want done..


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I am currently un-dreaded, but after gradually falling in love with the idea, I have decided to lock my hair over the Christmas holidays.

A friend of mine, a sort of nomadic, train-hopping punk type, got dreadlocks last winter. I was there when he was having them done. It actually may have been the one of the first times I met him. Anyway, I loved them from day one.

A few months later, he came back in to town with a friend of his-- a girl with some of the longest, most beautiful locks I'd ever seen. My fascination with dreads grew.

Late in the Summer, some friends and I went on a whim-trip from Detroit to a 'Fest in Chicago, for one of our favorite bands who never comes around. The road trip in itself was chaotic, unpredictable and exciting (not to mention I had to be back in Detroit by 4 a.m. to go out of state somewhere else, which meant driving straight through the night right after the show!) While there, I saw a wonderful dread-hawk, and fell in love again... and that's when I realized: I love dreadlocks, all types, all shapes and sizes. As I spoke longingly of them to one of my best friends, she suggested: you should get them yourself! From that point on I knew I would be locking my hair. I didn't know when, and I didn't know how just yet; but I knew I wanted to go through with it... and my whole spur-of-the-moment situation encouraged me to embrace the decision.

6 months later, I'm all set, my few starters from DreadheadHQ have come in the mail- and I won't lie, I'm nervous as all hell. (Not in the least because my timing is going to coincide will all the annual family gatherings- before I've even had time to adjust. But maybe it's better this way.)

I've only been lurking here for a couple days, but it's been very encouraging, and I'm gaining all the resolve I need. This really is a great community, with great resources.

For the record, here's my hair before the plunge...
I'll be sure to post pictures after, of course.

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Anyone in NY?

The front of my head is nice and dreaded but the back just won't dread. I try to fix it myself and I'm tempted to just let it be but I think I would rather have someone come over and help. Is there anyone in NY who would be able to help me with my unruly back dreads? I live on Long Island.
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hi, guys. im Chelsea. im new and you all seem very nice.
i am literally dying to dread my hair but im a little apprehensive about the length.
my hair is really short, it ranges from about 4 to 6 inches its also rather curly.
i havent seen very many pictures of girls with short dreads, so i dont know if they would look awful on me or not. i would love it if you guys could show me some pictures of girl with short dreads.
is there any possibility of getting dread extensions that look close to natural?
im really new to this whole thing, so is there any way to go to a salon or something to have someone dread my hair for me?
im sorry for my know-nothing ridiculousness.

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