December 12th, 2007

A Couple Of Recent Photos

My dreads are about 8.5 months old now. They are crazy loopy, and a month or so ago I rounded some of the tips. Not sure if I'll do the rest. maybe next time I am bored. I am thinking of trying a felting needle (I used a crochet hook for the ends that I did).

Anyway, here's some photos:

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Those were inspired by Lish, who asked me nicely if I would mind posting some more recent pics of my dreads now that they are more mature :D Thanks for the nudge to take some new pics Lish! This Friday I am putting in some synth dreads and decorations for going to a goth/industry night, so I'll post photos of those next week hopefully.
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I got some pics of the back of my head with my new dye job finally. Yeesh, it's hard to take those when you only have one mirror in your house and it's attached to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom (yah, we're not big on mirrors in this house). I'm not that great at taking pics of the back of my head on my own and my husband can't take pics worth shiitake mushrooms and I've yet to figure out the timer on my camera. Anyways.........this is how I wear it if I want to clean it up a bit and have my hair out of my face. I have a couple dreads on each side that I use to pull my hair back. They're not long enough to knot, so I use a little clip in the back. I think I might have my sister felt them with something wild to lengthen them....also, one is a little bit shorter than the other and continues to shrink. It's eventually going to need more length.

I've got lots of loosies and fly-aways, but I love them more and more each day.

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Ooh never seen this shop, looks cool...

I found this place through the dreadlock Flickr comm. Its great!

They have loads of cool beads and big colourful headswraps, they have some...dubious "make dread" instructions but their headwrap tutorials make up for this in extremo.

Im totally getting this for Cthulhu dreads...

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I've got my first dread! :DDD Me = Very happy with the results. I've been playing with it for a while. I'm not doing the rest of my hair until this weekend with my mom and sister. They're going to help me, which I least expected because my mom loves my hair the way it is. She's a cool maa.

EVERYONE WAS RIGHT! Fuck wax. Seriously. This dread is beautiful and is holding together nicely. Backcombing + palmrolling = perfection. Thanks guys, for telling me not to use the wax. I had some who told me to use it, and A LOT who told me not to.

I'll be posting pictures soon, probably within a week to show you guys the results.

I'm so very proud of my first dread, I'd post a picture but am unable to right now.

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i want a real dreadhawk, but it's not feasible for me at this point. so, i decided to try and create something that kinda vaguely resembles a dreadhawk, sans the shaved head part. i've been messing around with it over the last few weeks, and while putting it up this morning i think i finally figured out how to get the volume i want on top-- but by the time i figured it out, it was time for work! therefore, i present to you my still-in-progress version of a dreadhawk.

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edit: for some reason, i feel it looks waaay better in person. :/ i wish i had figured out how to do this while my dreads were still short, because i think this would look super-cute (and more hawk-like) with shorter dreads. i've got to figure out how to tuck away all my loose hair--i have big, long side-bang locks that make the sides of my head look undreaded when i pin them up with the rest of my hair--and how to get the top of my head involved more in the mohawk bit, which i think i might have worked out this morning. i'll be sure to post more pictures as i get the kinks hammered out. :)

and also, in response to this, here you go:

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septum = love, indeed! :D

pre-dread question.

So I'm not dreading up until I move out in the fall, but I have a question that's been nagging at me for a while. I shed. I shed a lot. If I don't straighten and don't brush my hair, when I finally wash or brush it, I lose HUGE clumps of hair.

Now, what I'm wondering is, will this hinder or help the dreading process? When my hair is left to it's own devices it sort of dreads up anyway. Your thoughts?
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I love getting stoned and taking pictures of myself.

SO. The little Jaimeelings are roughly around 4 months and a week or two. I think that I got them the last weekend of July, or like, the last two days in july, something like that. I've decided to say screw it, I'm going to go by August first. Really, a few days doesn't make that much of a difference.

I would like to say that dreads on mush are pretty much the awesomest things to play with, touch, feel, and think about. Not just to think about how they're made, and what they stand for, but also, how FRIGGIN AWESOME it is that ME, of all people, ME, has them. Seriously guys, I'm going up north for Christmas (try a 35 hour drive from the us/canada border at montana) and no one is going to believe that the hyper girl who liked to crash ski-doo's got dreads.

I'm going to start you off with a picture I took on the way to my house in Yellowknife. I lived out of town on an Island, and I had to drive a boat through one lake, a creek, and then another lake to get to it. This is in the North, mind you.

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So. I wash them every single day. I use that T-gel stuff, or I have been for the past month, and I've noticed significant shrinkage. I also use some Lush Ice Blue stuff that has sea salt in it, Reincarnate, which has henna in it,, and Dawn Soap, and some tea-tree knotty boy stuff too (it smells pretty. stop the hate!) but mostly it just depends on my mood and what I want to smell. I use the crotchet thinger once in a while but whatever I crotchet in just comes right out. So, I basically ignore them. Other then the felting in of random colors and the mass amounts of beads (I just bought a buttload from a fellow gudu patron offa etsy) I put into them, I eat, sleep, and be merry and let my head do it's thang.

Have I mentioned I love my hair?