December 13th, 2007

16 months

Not tired, just finished up another round of reviewing for my final and decided to post the pictures that kept me well distracted on my study breaks :) and show off the fine sewing loose hairs in job I did =P

I'm very happy with how they're doing these days, would love a little more length and would love to understand how this length will come about, sometimes when I feel around the roots, it feels like the hair is growing into the dreads thickness rather than length. not sure if that makes sense but let me know if you've experienced this or know how to help it. any suggestions will be much appreciated :)

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Yup yup.

Hello from Canada!

My name is Shannon, and I'm not new to this community or to dreads but I haven't been an active participant until right... now. (I've just kind-of lurked about and read quite a bit of information.) This is the second set of dreads that I've started; I unfortunately had the first set cut out a year ago because I was naive and my mother fed me lines about all of the things that could go wrong with them. I'm very excited about this set because I'm doing them myself and they're looking pretty sweet so far (I only have seven right now). I started them about a month ago. I've used a combination of rip and twist and backcombing on them, and they vary in sizes, which I'm rather pleased about. Anywho, onto the photographs!

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Enjoy the snow if you have it!
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I don't think I've come across this in the memories...

Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems as though hair appears lighter post-backcombing. Looking at a lot of pictures of everyone's locks, the new knotting growth appears to be closer to the original color-- darker tint, richer, etc. than the hair that was backcombed in the beginning. I'm curious if that is related to damage. Maybe my perception of that drew false conclusions, I'm not sure, that's why I'm asking about it. Not that it bothers me at all-- my hair is blonde anyway, and if this is the case it would probably just appear blonder post-dreading.