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it must be the weather? [15 Dec 2007|12:40am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i cut off my boyfriend's 2 year old dreads. we both used the "natural" method to get our dreads started but i'm the only one that actually maintains a little (i stress a little). so he pretty much had dread not "dreads". who knew how handsome he would look :)
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trying this again [15 Dec 2007|03:06am]
i just discovered this community a couple of hours ago and have been reading through posts since!
i haven't brushed or washed my hair in a few weeks and its starting dreading itself....again. at first, i wasn't pleased and i thought about brushing it, but then i really looked at it and thought about it, and i definitly want them. i've wanted dreads for years, attempted once but my boyfriends made them way too big, and i want small dreads....or at least mostly small with some bigger for variety.
my hair is naturally very curly and it dreads itself all the time i just have to brush consssstttaaannnttttllllyyy. so, i have 3 definite dreads that i've worked up and thrown beads in, heres a picture:

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2.5 years old [15 Dec 2007|07:37am]
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Eventually I'll Have A Whole Rainbow Worth [15 Dec 2007|09:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Recently I bought 20 DE synthetic dreads from Black Orchid Designs to wear for the NYE party we hare having. I have 10 in silver-white which are short in length, and 10 in UV orange which are long. Earlier this week a friend asked me to go to this goth/industrial night so I decided to give my new dreads a test run.

To put them in I basically just threaded them through my undreaded roots. After wearing them for the night I've decided it's wiser to somehow secure them a bit after you've put them in. I'm thinking rexlace ought to do it, I was planning to put some in for NYE anyway, so now I'll just use it to make sure I don't lose any of my fun additions.

Lots of people commented on them or asked me about them, which was pretty awesome (I live in a smaller city with a LOT of dreadies, so they generally do not attract much attention).

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I'm totally happy with the quality (and the price, which was super reasonable) and I plan to buy lots more of these from her, in other colors and lengths.

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Headthreads on E-bay, oh and banners? [15 Dec 2007|10:24pm]

I do not believe I have seen this posted here before, so I thought I'd share. They have some very pretty looking head scarves, hair wraps, wide headbands, etc. most of them cotton or cotton blends :) There's even some headband/earmuff combos that are pretty cute. I've got stretched lobes myself, and now that December is (finally!) getting cold I really think I may invest in one.

I'm thinking about picking up several things, actually, but there are so many colors I need to narrow it down to just three. I've spent so much money on gifts for Christmas this year, haha.

Anyone have photoshop and interested in making spiffy new banners for the community? I mentioned something about banners to lishd not too long ago using hair photos from members of the community, but my photoshop skillz are seriously lacking. I think it would be pretty neat! Everyone has been posting such *gorgeous* dread pictures this winter.
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[15 Dec 2007|10:42pm]
[ mood | awake ]

so since my last post in here, ive taken everyones advice and backcombed a lot more than i already had. i've had them for about ten days, and they're starting to feel a lot tighter. the memories have definitely become my bible. tonight was my second wash since i've had them. the first wash was a really quick decision that should not have happened, but i had a marching band competition earlier on in the day, and a party to attend later on that night so it was slightly needed. since i've had them i've noticed my scalp is extremely itchy at times, but i'm pretty sure thats normal. tonight i've palmrolled and twisted them into form since a few fell apart. still, i'm quite happy with them, and almost in love with the fact that i'm actually being patient with them, which is normally a trait i lack. the only thing i'm concerned with is how soft my hair is at the roots..anyways, all of your guys' dreads make me drool with envy but i know mine will grow up to be fantastic also.

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