December 16th, 2007

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While I had dreadlocks, I saw maybe two other people on campus with them. Since I combed them out, especially the past few weeks, I have seen beautiful locks everywhere I turned. Today, I was at my friends' graduation ceremony, and a friend pointed out the beautiful set of dreads on a girl walking across stage. *sigh* I miss them soo much. :/ My hair's still only a couple of inches, a few at best. It's going to be months. You guys make me so sad and so delighted all at once :)
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Someone took some photos on a night out last night, I'm in a few so it's as good an excuse as any for a pic post... it's been a while!

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If you can't guess yes I was a bit drunk...
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Hair un-dreading at the roots

I've never really worried about this til now, since it seems to be getting worse, not better. I've had my dreads for 3.5 months and whilst the bottom half of them are tightening up well, my roots just keep coming more and more undone. Majority of them have about 5 inches of undreaded hair at the roots now. Its not new growth cause my hair dosn't grow that fast, its come undone. My hair is very silky and in excellent condition no matter how much salt water I put on it, so that's why I'm having trouble. And I don't think its gonna dread up on its own as my hair never use to knot when I had normal hair.

Today I root rubbed them all really well, and they look alot better. So I'm hoping this will help the situation. I'm aware that I will always some undreaded hair at the roots, but 5 inches seems excessive to me.

Is there anybody out there who also has a very silky hair type have this problem? Did you do anything to deal with this? Or do I just need to give it more time? I know that dying my hair would help dry it out and make it knot easier but I really don't want to do that as I like my colour and was gonna leave it go back to natural.

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Long time no post

Hey kids:

It's been a while... a long while. So I figured, especially considering that changes may be afoot, that I'd post a few pics for your enjoyment.

The locks are about 10.5 years, and the length is two years more than that.

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