December 18th, 2007

newbie dreadhead

hello loves,
i'm sez and i live in the UK. i'm an artist, still studying for my degree.
i've had my dreadies for about 4 months and i love them to pieces.
i like making beads and crocheting headbands, if anyone is interested
in having something lovely made then feel free to ask...
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mush love

I thought I was a mermaid. Oops, I'm not, but having a bath with some peppermint tea and a shitload of seasalt and a mush trip come down is not only a good time but it tightens your dreads hella good, yo.

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you know, 4 months ago my hair was nipple length. Now look at them! I can't stop squeezing them. Do you ever look at other people and feel sorry that they can't do fun stuff with their hair?

I always have a few safety pins, a hair tie, and a toonie in my hair, just cuz you never know. I can also store a joint, a cigarette, and a lighter no problem, and most likely lots of other things that I haven't needed to yet.

dude. we rock.


^^ this is a bit of a late post but i just thought I would do one in memory of sophie, she was a fantastic girl who sadly was killed in a park near my house. the cause for the attack? being a goth, the people who attacked her started by mocking her piercings and dreadlocks...
i think it is despicable that anyone could do that to a person just for how they look.
RIP soph

A gift from Goss :)

dread advisory::

I'm making mistakes so you don't have to! :p

I learned two things about dreads this week:

1:: Don't douse your hair in grain alcohol and orange juice. We were drinking cheap ass screwdrivers and I plopped down a little too fast in my chair...and my hair got covered in my drink. Thanks in part to the two or three glasses I'd had before that I didn't seem to think that it was a big deal at all and promptly forgot about it.
And I just spent the whole day getting the smell of orange juice and booze out of my hair.

The moral of the story? Don't drink and dread...or at least don't soak your hair in your drink.

((ps. No, I'm not a complete lush and I don't make a habit out of drinking grain alcohol lol))

2:: There is a reason no one makes beads out of play dough. I saw everyone making fancy clay beads and I thought I'd just dry out some playdough and see how that went.
It went beautifully throughout the whole bead-making process, then I put it in my hair.
Later on that day I took a shower.
My bead melted! haha.

I just thought it was my civic duty to let you all know :D
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Got bored, made banners...

In response to the post about banners for here, I decided as Im ill too, I shall make some so all the lovely people who posted pics when I was planning on making a "wallpaper" for here conributed would't go to waste.

Since GUDUs new look is so nice I though "fuck a background use em for a banner" So i binned my forest idea... and made a dreadrug.. banner have to be any particular size? If so ill adapt these. Theyre cheesy, clunky, and dreadfully awkward - just like me!

They contain the dreads of:-
  • Spandorexxa (how could I not : )
  • Jadedmyrrhmaid
  • Lishd (I felt the all encompassing redness of your old dreads deserved the foundation of the banner :) )
  • Banjolo
  • Joeke
  • hambergerhop
  • Sioku
Can you spot them all?

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If they're shit. I understand.