December 19th, 2007

intro & bead question!

hey all you lovely dready folk! i've been hanging around for a while so i figured i would introduce myself with a bunch of pictures :D
i'm devan. my dreads are somewhere between 4/5/6 months old. they're a combination of natural & backcombing.

i always had short messy hair so i never needed to brush it. as my hair grew out it started to dread. i thought my hair had a pretty good idea so after about a month or so of letting my hair go natural i decided to go full on and just backcomb all my hair. i grabbed a dog flea comb, and after a few hours i had myself some dreads and a seriously sore wrist. of course it was all worth it! i love my dreads. they're messy and delicious.

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and i had a question about making dread beads out of clay. is there a clay i could get that could be fired in lower temperatures? like in an oven haha. or is there some kind of clay or something that dries and hardens well enough to make a sturdy bead?

i love looking at your guys' dreads they're all so fantastic! gudu always makes me happy.

ps sorry if all these pictures killed your computer. i can't contain myself.
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Today, exactly a year ago, I walked into lillybilly's shop and ended up with

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I hope my english is allright. whenever I speak, listen or read it there's no problem, but as soon as I start writing it, all the grammar and writing-rules seem to be disappeared :p

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SO . after having dreads for a year and a half, i decided that it was time for a change. and after 3 months of combing out dreads (mostly due to laziness) i finally have brushable hair. It was the most painful expierence of my life. But my hair is surprisingly healthy. but very thin.


i took your advice...

i washed my hair! haha.
i also bleached it and dyed it fun colors, and i bought new beads.

now, i'm stupid and i have no idea how to lj cut, so i'll jsut post two pictures:

i haven't brushed in the past monthish...and i was it pretty sparingly, its dreading so fast!

Hey look its a noob!

aw crap I had this all written out and f'ed it up somewhere.

Anywho, Been lurking for a few weeks now, been in love with dreads for years having always looked up to hippy outdorsey types growing up at a camp and also working there for years. Never had the guts to go through with them, am sorely tempted to after reading about how you can actually comb them out (even if it sounds quite time consuming and difficult) but remembered whilst having synth dreads in and loose extensions how I get all wiggy when I can't properly touch my scalp or run my fingers through my hair. I've lost quite a bit of hair not taking my time removing the loose extensions after getting terribly chlostrophobic.

anyway, here was my idea - a one or two like accent dreads, probably needing to be quite thin.

and the questions - how achievable would this be? and would it look weird? I'm not concerned with 'would dreads look good on me' this really isn't that kind of post (besides that i've been told for years i should try them though only by dreadies), but more so if it would be weird or hard to maintain a singular dread.

any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.