December 20th, 2007


Suave Shampoo

So today in my hairstyling class we tested different shampoos for different things and we were informed that Suave's shampoo contains a large amount of salt. They have a few different kinds, but we tried the cheapy scented types. Those of you who use it probably know it dries your hair out a great deal. I'm not sure how it is on the residue factor since it is scented, but I thought it might be useful to know for those who find salt water helpful in the dreading process.

Dreadmasters near Aylesbury UK!!

I'm looking for someone who will can put lovely dreads in near Aylesbury UK!! I'm totally new to the area and country as well and haven't managed to find anyone anywhere nearby on my online searching. Please help!!! I'm onto the obsession stage of wanting them back (will be the fourth time my hair has carried them around!) Thanks!!

deeply cleaned dreads

using the deep cleaning homemade cleaner stuff... i finally
decided to give my dreads and bloody good cleaning!
and my god... it worked so well.
my hair wasn't locking up so great at the tips,
but after cleaning them i gave each dread a good backcombing
and now they are all soso happy.

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once was a lurker...

hey pplz,

been checking this community for over a year now.. just joined up to livejournal and hoping to stay here for a while
the community here is just so diverse... ppl come into the dread community from all different angles which i love

now a bit about my dreadlocks..
my hair was halfway down my back when i had them done
being asian my hair is straight and thick (and hard to knot!)
i had tried to dread myself but my hair is just so stubborn and i ended up with a big superdread at the back of my head
so i decided to get some help but found out that they are charging humongous prices over here to get hair dreaded
in the end i went on a trip to thailand and got them done by locals using backcombing and crocheting technique... (i have pics of the dreading process if anyone is interested)

anyway.. i am so happy with them, having them, caring for them
there is so much more to dreadlocks than meets the eye... 
the whole process from wanting them, to growing my hair (i used to have a bald shaved head for 7 yrs), to having them has been such an amazing journey
i feel more liberated in life.. a true sense of freedom
i'm more in touch with basic things in life such as being happy and healthy
and dancing around flinging those dreadies all over the place... such an ecstatic feeling !

my dreadlocks are about 8 months old now... and i cant wait till they drag on the floor !!!

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Howdy ho Ranger Joe

Hi, my name is Mari.
I'm new to this community, and have a few problems with my hair.  My hair used to be rediculously straight and soft.  Now, it's taking over my head and for about 7 months now, I've had only one dread. It tries to eat up my other hairs, so I figure I'll give in.  Well, the picture of my dread sucks but it's all I have for now!

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Update! 3.5 months

So I found someone to help fix my dreads. A lovely lady gave them a thorough going over with a crochet hook which tightened them up heaps and got rid of all the loose hair. They no longer all stick together now, yay! She also combined a few smaller ones. I was so pleased with the results. I also ended up dying them even though I didn't really want to as I liked my colour before, but I wanted to really dry my hair out so all the good work she did would stick! I just chose a brown colour similar to what I had before, it came out a bit darker than I had hoped but I rather like it. And my dreads are super tight now :)

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  • zoaye

Mainly a question for people who have or have had relatively mature dreadlocks.

Something is frustrating me about my hair.

I've had my dreads for a touch over 2 and a half years now right. It's been a while, and they are locking up and looking fab. My brother tried sticking Christmas decorations in them but couldn't get the needle through. Anyways, I guess that's the natural process and I am loving it but, there is one thing that frustrates me. My hair has always been big and poofy and wild and now that they're locking up, it's becoming more tame. I mean, here I have some pictures to show you what's up.

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My question is this: has anyone any ideas on how I can give my dreads a more feral look. I mean, I am glad that they are maturing, and I am happy about the process, but I kind of liked them better bigger. Will time make them explde again? Have y'all experienced similar things? Do you have advice for me, or words of wisdoms, etc. Really, I just wanted to talk to someone about it.