December 21st, 2007

Trying to decide if I want to bleach...

So, after seeing erikaerin's great results after bleaching, I've been pondering taking the plunge myself. I've never bleached my hair before, or gone light in anyway except through natural bleaching caused by the sun. I'm still in the process of making the decision, but I was wondering if people who have bleached, especially similar to erikaerin (not extremely drastic, from medium to light brown to dark to medium blonde/strawberry blonde), would share some pics, if they get a chance? I know everyone looks different when it comes to bleach/dye jobs, but I'd like to see how it's worked out for others. Thanks!
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private karaoke room = best way to spend one of your friend's birthdays! especially when you cram a million people in there. oh thank goodness for living in koreatown where these karaoke booth places abound.

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that's right, all you people posting snowy dread pictures. i am in a tank top. that's what living in LA will do for ya. ok, it's a little chilly here too but we had like 2783768176238 people stuffed into that little room and it was steamy-steamy!
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I love to laugh and I love to smile (and some might think I'm also a camera and a post whore lately), but I'm often self-conscious of seeing my smile in pictures. I think part of it goes back to when I was 14 and I bit into a piece of pecan pie and broke one of my front teeth on a pecan shell. As a teenager, that was extremely embarrassing and I became weary about people seeing my teeth when I smiled. 6 months later, my parents finally came up with the money to get it fixed, but since then, I still get all weirded out by seeing my teeth in a picture. of my dearest friends knitted my daughter (she's 7 1/2) and I matching scarves and so I took pictures of us this morning waiting for the school bus to arrive....and I took some smiling with an open mouth. :)

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girls dont poop

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i have fake dreads, and they keep falling out.
they're supposed to stay in and form into actual natural dreadlocks.
but they're not.
and i'm frustrated.

i keep going back to get more put in, and she told me all i have to do to keep them in is keep them waxed and keep twisting..
but it proves to just make them slip..
does anyone else know what i can do?

i was thinking about taking a needle and thread and sewing them together.
though my roots prove un dreaded as well...
i was thinking it was because my hair is too greasy.

and i fucking hate wax. pardon my french.
i never used wax for my REAL dreads before these.. but apparently because they're fake, they need wax.

im currently running a high fever, apologies for my delusional rant, but helppppp.
maybe they're too heavy?gklhfdkh;lkhlsdfhkldf
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Picture Update

My dreads are almost 10 months old now and I'm more in love with them every day. These are all taken with my iSight on my MacBook, so you can't see their definition really well. I'm hoping for Christmas that I'll get a good camera, but we'll see. Hehe! I'm really here just to post pictures, so that's what I'll do. ^_^

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I had a rude lady ask me the other day if "I, like, had dreadlocks and then they fell out." WTF? I didn't even dignify her stupidity with a response. I love how people think it's okay to be rude like that. Hell, I didn't ask her if she got her tattoos in prison when I very well wanted to. Whateva!
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There was totally a dreads-in-the-snow theme going on around here a little while ago, and I missed that boat, but Mommy can I play toooooooo?

Anyway, just another day at work.

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