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[22 Dec 2007|01:14am]

Picture 001.jpg

No, sorry - I don't have a mustache. I have a crooked dread.

Picture 002.jpg
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Christmas Dreadies! [22 Dec 2007|09:47am]
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Hi everyone!

I'm new here so I thought I'd come in and say hi and post a couple of piccys of my Christmas Dreadies! Um, excuse the face looking so crappy, I've been crying because I had to put my boy Shep to sleep yesterday. (yes, he is a dog.)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas full of surprises and happiness. 

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apple cider vinegar? [22 Dec 2007|10:26am]
Hi guys! I've been poking around in the memories looking for information about using apple cider vinegar on the dreads, but I've been coming up empty. Please forgive me if I'm totally blind and I missed it... Does anyone know how exactly you should use this on your dreads? Wet or dry, as a wash, a rinse or a soak? My dreads are looking kind of dull lately and I heard apple cider vinegar can make them look all shiny and fresh. If anyone has experience with this, could you clue me in please??

Thanks in advance ;)
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new to the community [22 Dec 2007|10:42am]
my wife pointed out this community to me last night and i've been having a wonderful time reading through the many many entrys as well as the memories/faqs. so i thought that i had to join a community of such awesome folks that have such a love for dreads.

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Yep. SURE DID check the memories. [22 Dec 2007|12:58pm]
K. So. I Felted in wool to a few of my dreads. Most of my dreads have shrunk amazingly lots. The 2 that I felted and that I felted within like, 2 weeks of dreading (silly, silly me) did NOT shrink. 

I have above shoulder length hair, with the  exception of 2 almost nipple length brightly colored pink/purple/salmon colored dreads, with bits of hair poking through because of repeated washing making it not so tough anymore. 

Now, those 2 pieces are wonderful to tie my hair back with, but one of them is starting to break where it meets with a bead right in the middle, so I can't tie it back anymore. And I can't decide If I want a different color or if I just want the wool off so they can shrink like the others.

So.. the memories say lots about putting the wool IN. 

Not so much about getting it out.

How do I UN-felt the dreads? AND/OR Is it ok to cover a felted dread up with more wool, ie: a different color (I don't want this color in the rest of my dread existence!)

Thank you, lovelies. You are all awesome.

Party Hard.

(ETA: Common sense dictates you would just pull the wool out, butttt been there done that, don't work cuz I felted it in too.. hard? The wool has become one with the dread, and no force, jedi or pulling, is gonna get it out without severly damaging the dread... <3)
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[22 Dec 2007|01:31pm]
It's been forever since my last (and first) entry, & because I haven't posted a real timeline yet: here you go. I've had my dreads for about 2 years and a couple of months now :) 

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dread beehive anyone?? [22 Dec 2007|04:53pm]



tutorial video coming soon!
happy holidays folks!!
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timeline! [22 Dec 2007|08:42pm]
I didn't do this so you would not click on it...Collapse )

so there you have it!

also, you folks have beautiful hair.
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