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Happy Giftmas, everyone. [25 Dec 2007|10:23am]
[ mood | bored ]

It's been just over five months with my dread babies. My boyfriend and did each other's dreads to celebrate six months, and though we combed his out two weeks ago, mine are still here! They're crazy and wild, with loose ends, wispy hair loops, they're curly as all hell, and I love them. I recently got promoted to a more professional position at my job, and my dreads (and piercing) were not even brought up when I applied and interviewed. Granted, I work at for a non-profit organization, but through a fairly conservative university. Just throwing it in there to let you know it can be done. :) It might help that I still have loose hair in the front and I wear it up a lot.

I'm a camera ho sometimes...Collapse )

If anyone in the greater Des Moines area would like to get together and do dread maintenance, drop me a comment. Peace and love, dreadheads.

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Official Pic Intro! [25 Dec 2007|10:47pm]
Ah, this is my first time posting pics in here! Uh... So the oldest ones are 5-6 mo. old. The youngest are just now forming. I did Backcombing on the top ones and R&T'd the ends with a little felting thrown in for good measure. Tonight they loved being frizzy but it was a rare time that I had a camera so anyway... I am Pickinguproses's (Mrs. Omgwtfarealltheseloops?) little brother. 

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