December 26th, 2007

bear suit

New Band Pic.

Hiya, guys.
We did new band pics this past weekend.
Here we am:

I'm the guy with the dreads. Duh.

Also, this one shows how I'd look if I was in hell and all eeevillll.
Which, of course, I am. Eeeevil, that is. Also, it's another shot where you can actually see that I have hair on top of my head. Did you know that people often assume I am bald on top because I tend to wear bandannas?

There are more, but I'll wait till later to share, I guess.

taking the plunge

so today my boyfriend is coming over, and hes giving me my very first set of dreads. I'm so excited and also really nervous. my mom is away and shes knows what were doing and shes been really good about being supportive, but i haven't told anyone else in my family. i got tiered of ppl looking at me with disgust when i told them i was getting dreads ("ewww, don't they smell?"). but screw them, I'm gonna prove to them that dreads are sexy.

pictures will be coming later.

and i also just wanted to say thank you to all of you here for giving me the confidence to make this final leap.

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2 years! well, 2 years and a couple of days now, but close enough! i have a whole stack of pictures (as in a really ridiculous amount) starting from when i got them until... yesterday! i am going to tryyyy and put them in some sort of order, but it probably won't be done with much precision.

oh also, some of the photos are kinda huge, i apologise.

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no dreads :[ [yet]

hi! i'm caitlin and i plan on gettin dreads done by a pro cuz as much as i trust my friend to dye/bleach my hair, i don't trust her dreading it. anyways, since i'm getting it done by a pro that means that i have to save up [only bout 260 more lol] so it might be a lil while. but i was wondering bout bangs. to dread or not to dread. if i didnt then i'd deff have to get them trimmed more often. any advice?
bangs [day of haircut]
bangs [on a good day/yesterday]
[living in florida=tank and shorts on christmas :]]
oh my bangs decide which way they swoop. i have no voice in the matter. *rolls eyes*

thanks in advance :]

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This is my first time with dreads and I gotta say, my hair has never caused so much controversy over X-Mas dinner! Some people were really rude about it. "What happened to your hair?", "Do you think that actually looks good?", and "You could wash my dishes with your head" were my favorites. I guess it comes with the territory. I honestly forget that my hair looks a little different until I get those wonderful comments. Some people genuinely wanted to know WHY and I tried explaining that I use less hair products now and save a lot more money, etc., but they didn't believe me! They said I just wanted the attention. Regardless, I'm keeping them because they make me happy, so in the end I figure that's all that really matters.


5 1/2 hrs later and i have my first set, they are great, i cant wait to see them mature. ill post pictures when i figure out how to post them.

for now im just going to let my scalp return to its normal, painless, state.