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[28 Dec 2007|01:36pm]
I'm visiting London with my mom and we took pictures in the airport. Right now i'm bored in my hotel room soooo here ya go.
my hair is getting long, apparently.

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[28 Dec 2007|07:09pm]
 I dyed my dreads last night (on mushrooms, surprise surprise..)

Before, they were shoulder length.

Now, they're CHIN LENGTH. They shrank more then a half inch. Just from one dye. I have a BOB now. Like, a chin length bob. It's amazing.

I know this is all part of the natural process, etc etc, but GAH, so short! They're tight as hell.  And so short. I don't know what to do with myself. They barely barely fit into a pony tail.

I figure at the rate they're going, another 3 months and the roots will be all tight and nice and then I'l finally finally get some GD length. I was not a person made for short hair. It's funny, because the ones I felted still go down below my shoulders...

I shall post piktures in a few days, I'm off to Yellowknife to scare the northerners with my hair.  I'm going to make an igloo with my mom, it's going to be radical.
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