December 29th, 2007

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I'm getting my dreadies in a couple of months.
But i'm not very creative so could anyone post me some pictures or explain me how i can wear my dreads i a nice way?
I would probably wear it in a tail, which will get boring in 2 weeks :P

just thoughts.

it's interesting to bump into other dreadheads who are all at different points in their respective experiences... i was shadowed at work by a dreaded guy for about twenty minutes before he finally approached me to ask a question, i had a couple young teens (including a dreaded young'n) gawk at my hair in what i'm sure they thought was an inconspicous manner, and i've admired plenty of gorgeous dreaded heads that have meandered through the store. i love being able to offer my personal experience and help pass along knowlege, as well as pique curiousity. people further in their dread journey give me a glimpse of what's in the future, and help reaffirm my desire to keep my dreads at least until i finish college. running into other dreadfolk always leaves me feeling very happy and refreshed, and somehow balanced.

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i'm not posing the "cut/don't cut?" question, i promise. i'm just trying to make sense of what my mind is telling me. (and i wanted to do it around people who understand dreads! :D ) perhaps this is my subconscious's not-so-sneaky way of telling me to go ahead and get my damn dreadhawk already. maybe i've outgrown my dreads. or it might just be that i've gotten a bit bored and need to re-dye them. i dunno, but i'll keep you guys updated.


Hello hello.

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I'm getting an itch to dye my hair red, and I have some stupid questions first. As you can see, I have a lot of junk in my hair. I know the string will get dyed, but I kinda wanna take those out anyway cause I've noticed that (in my hair at least) they're not dreading as well. But I was wondering... do the rest of you usually dye with all your beads in, or do those usually get dyed as well. Like I said, I know it's a stupid question! :P

Oh, and I shall post the results. :)

Dying them was nightmare!

bloody hell dying them was so much more difficult than i thought it would be... my bathroom, face, neck and back all got completely covered in purple o.O  and they took forever to wash out so im unsure if i will bother dying them again, on the other hand im really really happy with the result :)
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