December 31st, 2007

lush shampoo?

hello prettys!
i've been a customer of lush for a few years, they make gorgeous handmade
soaps and smellys which are just the best!
they do a range of shampoo bars, and i was wondering if anyone has ever tried them on dreads?
i currently have the knotty boy peppermint shampoo bar, which is good, but almost gone,
and i would like to try something a bit different next, with more sweeter smelling bits.

lush have a website which is you guys should just take a look because
its lovely and nice :) i got a big gift set for christmas which made my day.
i love natural cosmetics.
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3 months

I just thought I'd post some pics of what my dreads look like three months after and if anyone has any tips for me or any creative ideas, it'd be very helpful.

my bead and roving.

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loud and obnoxious pays off!!

oh man. the cutest thing ever happened!
i've been walking to joanns for the past month [maybe four times?] to get a felting needle. but they're always out. they would tell me they had ordered them but they were never in. it started to drive me nuts. so while i was out one day i stopped by another store. i think it was a.c. moore.

i looked and looked but i couldn't find them. i asked the people who worked there and they basically just laughed at me. i got so frustrated! i just kept walking around the knitting section being all obnoxious. "THEY HAVE WOOL TO FELT WITH. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO FELT WITHOUT THE NEEDLES. I DON'T UNDERSTAND. HOW CAN YOU HAVE ALL THESE THINGS FOR FELTING AND NO FELTING NEEDLES! RAAAAAWAARAHHH!"

so right as i give up and i'm walking to the door. this nice old lady comes up to me and hands me a box with two felting needles in it and says something like "i know. when i needed felting needles i searched and searched and searched the store but i finally found some." i was so surprised she had even come up to me let alone found me felting needles!

i'm still not quite sure whether she gave them to me the be helpful or to get me to shut up. hahah. either way i got my needles!

here's some pictures because pictures are fun. and so you can see my felted dreadssss. which i felted my dogs hair into, by the way. not white wool. it's meaningful and free!

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2 Months...What Now???

Hey guys. What's up? I got my dreads 2 months ago and I found this place shortly thereafter. I finally joined today to ask for advice.

First of all, I have many skinny dreads, and I have loved how they look. Recently, however, a bunch of my dreads have sorta fused together at the roots, so its like a three-tiered system: clumps of 3 to 6 dreads sharing a communal matted root thing, with the new unmatted hair growing under that. I've tried pulling them apart, which has worked to some degree, but a few are fused together so tightly that pulling won't work. How do I separate them back into individual dreads?

Second, my dreads have become quite frizzy, with loose hairs and bits poking out and chilling out all over the place. Although it looks rather presentable from afar, up close (i.e. face-to-mirror) it looks a lot like a rats nest. Any suggestions on how to de-frizzify my dreads?

I'll try to get pics and a profile up as soon as I have time, but I literally joined LJ 5 minutes ago and I have a party to go to tonite.

Happy New Year!