January 1st, 2008

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so last night i palm-rolled my dreads while i was in the shower. i was in there for an hour, listening to tunes, sitting at the bottom, and just rolling my dreads in my palms. i got out and dried 'em out, made sure no water was left so no mold or icks will start growing in there, and then i went to sleep! this morning, i woke up and put it up cos it looked kinda weird and i didnt want to deal with rolling them back into shape or playing with them or whatever, because all i wanted to do was play call of duty...

so anyways, about a half hour ago, i took them down and they are all kinky and curly and cute and then i noticed, HOLY SHIT!! they've shrunk! which is so ironic because i was just reading about how dreads shrink when they're about a month old.

my babies will be a month on the 8th. how exciting.

but yeah! they're so cute curly, and even though i've lost aloooooot of length they're adorable. Collapse )

:]]imma happy celly
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The Flaming Lips!!!

(Sadly no pit-chas)

It was an amazing concert though... I must have seen 5-8 guys with locks, All of which seemed to be natural ( they had obviously started at the ends not the root.) Sometimes I get a complex about not letting mine go naturally. I untucked the ends yesterday because I feel as if I was altering them too much.

The concert was huge, I mean I guess they would be in their home town.

They gave out Laser Pointers to everyone, I got like 4 of them, then they did their own huge laser show and released over 5000 giant balloons. Oh and at the beginning Wayne Coyne walked over the crowd in a giant beach ball...

I know dreads were merely a side-note in this bit of text, but it has been quiet as of late.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! and a question...

i have an unusual question. i was inspecting my head and i noticed these lil white flake pieces and it really skeeeeved me out. so i scrubed my head in the shower and after drying i noticed they were still there. upon closer inspection, i saw they were actually roots ( like the follicle part i guess). its not too noticable but i was just wondering if anybody could tell me if theres a way to hide or get rid of them. i guess its the norm right?
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Hi everyone. I posted here once before under the journal name street_slang. My hair has grown quite a bit since then, but it's still rather short, haha. Here's some pictures of me (and a few of my boyfriend again since his hair is way better than mine.) My roots are terrible in these pictures, but I bleached and dyed them the day after I took these. I always seem to take pictures before I freshen up my hair. It looks essentially the same, but without any brown/blonde peeking through now.

Oh, and a funny anecdote: I have a 4 month old brother named Xyon, and he's always been really amused by dreadlocks. The other day I was changing his clothes and I noticed that he has a tiny dreadlock on the back of his head! He spends most of his time being held or in his jumper, and he gets a bath at least every 5 days, so I'm not sure how he managed to get one to actually form, but it's cute. My mother says he's trying to be like me, haha.

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 I've made some beads :)

these mushroom ones are for gypsy88

and the black ones are for leyloh

I hope you both like them, if you send me your addresses i'll post them asap.

leyloh, i tried my best with the spirals, their not great but hopefully they will do, i 
put them in my dreads and they look okay so hopefully you'll like them :)
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happy '08.

So I've been apart of this community for awhile.
I had been waiting for my hair to grow out a bit before dreading it, but I caved and started them early.
They were done on Friday, so they're only 4 days old.

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a question for those with glasses

hey everyone, happy new year!
one quick question, and i had NO idea where to look for this in the memories.
i have glasses with fairly thick over the ear arm things, and i want dreads.
i notice allready that my hair kind of wraps around the bit over my ear.
would this be an issue?
anyone with glasses have any input?
im not opposed to undercutting if its necessary...