January 2nd, 2008

bear suit

Some new pics for the 'locked gang.

Hiya. As usual, my wonderful g/f took pics.

And I'm the one with the dreads in the group shots. Duh.

First shot... This was actually taken at home in front of her new white backgroundy thing. This is the only one I actually like of the lot. She also got this guitar for me. Booyah!

This is in the hallway outside of my band's rehearsal space. Does it look cold? It was. Brr.

This is a long-exposure shot we did in the hallway... I think I look weird in this one.

Here we are again... it was hard not to laugh.. making a very serious rock star face isn't easy when everyone's busy yelling "Open ya EYES! You stupid shit! OPEN!" in a sort of Team America: World Police voice.

and thus we begin the terrible twos!

My babies are now 2 years and 2 days old!!!

I'm posting a smallish timeline, since I don't have the patience for a longer one. Here we go!

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so that is my two year update. SO not short like I thought it would be.

by the way, if anyone wants maintenance in new england, PLEASE let me know. I have super reasonable prices and can possibly put you up for a couple of days if you don't mind a little snoring (you'd be on your own futon, by the way). let me know!

It's been an eventful, hard, good, bad, boring, exciting, confusing 2 years. I hope the coming year will be just as exciting!
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1 week!

10 days ago I started my dread hawk, my last attempt before I officially gave up and let lish do it (sorry I havnt replied to your email yet, no internet!)

This was taken Sunday, I have since given them their first wash (I waited 9 days because they are so short the last dreads I made fell out in the first wash 4 days later)

I have a few yarn falls I have on two of them (not in this picture) a blue feather and some bells I hang in my hair (that are in this picture) sometimes, I feel like a Christmas tree!

Overall I'm happy with them, I like when they stick up :)

one picture for you!

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new year, new dreadies.

'tis how I spent my New Year's Eve. Story & better pics later.

Muchos gracias to mi knotty compadre for returning
the favor and locking up my locks. <3

Keeping the front and bangs/fringe  undreaded for
the time being; it's kind of interesting and helps me
"hide" the dreads in a ponytail (for the conservative
dress code at one of my jobs)

Pics aren't great, taken with my friend's phone.
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