January 4th, 2008

fauxhawk, pt. ii.

for new years i re-did the 'hawk, this time with better success (in my opinion, lol). i pomped my bangs, unlike the last time.

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still tweaking the construction, but i'm pretty satisfied. it's definitely a style that draws attention; i spent half the night shouting over club music, trying to explain dreads. i fully intend to rawk the 'hawk on my 21st birthday, with leopard-print platform pumps to match. :D
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more dread shots

having dreads, for some odd reason, has made me really enjoy my hair.  so i though i would take more pics with the camera on my phone while driving to work this morning and then decided to share them :)  nothing exciting just baby dreads and my hat.

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The goal is curly dreads...

So I have long thin dreads - and have seen some amazing photos of ladies that have curly dreads.

So someone on here recently told me to braid them while wet. SO I just washed them - with yummy peppermint Dr. Bronners shampoo - and they feel awesome. My 11 year old sat with me and helped me braid them. (There are 86 all together so it took a little more time than I thought it would).

So here is a pic of them all braided. I will take them out tomorrow afternoon when they are dry. I have an appt to get a huge arm tattoo tomorrow night - so I will have a friend take a tattoo/curly dread pic for sure!

Oh and here is the pic of my late brother (dreads in his beard) and a few of his friends - her curly dreads are SO amazing!!

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first post!


i'm cassandra and my dreads are a month and a half old today. :)

i am the walking proof that ANYONE can have dreads, because i have such thin hair, you could always see my scalp on top. but my dreads make me look like i have way more hair than i actually do.

they're still tempermental. i have loose hairs, and they're a bit flat in places, but they're improving. i'm lucky to have a patient roommate that works on them for me.

just wanted to introduce myself and thank you all for being an inspiration to me.

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Waiting Game...

I'm planning on dreading my hair but I would like to know the ideal length for them, like how much hair length you lose and stuff. I was thinking of waiting until it reaches a little bit past my shoulders.. Advice from dread veterans would be ideal :^^
Thanks so much!

Preparation time!

I'm back home for the next few weeks. I think I'm doing my dreads on Wednesday/Thursday. One of my best friends and I are doing them at the same time- we've both wanted them for a long time and once I go back to school we'll have them together but on opposite sides of the country :)

We'll have a dreading party, a bunch of friends will work on them for us.

I began the process of dyeing my hair back to its natural color today (naturally light brown, I went black for a couple months) and am very impressed with the results of my Walgreens box of color stripper.

I'm so unbelievably excited- I'll be sure to post pictures next week! Thank you all for helping me fall even more in love with dreads and teaching me how it's done.