January 6th, 2008

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5 month dreads and a quick question

My dreads turned 5 months on Thursday, I have a lot of loose hair in the back and its driving me nuts! I dont' know what to do to fix it, I've tried rebackcombing 3 times. Also, the majority of my dreads are dreads at the root and at the end, in the middle they are just loose hair, what can I do to fix that?! Its just normal hair stuck between two large knotty dreadish things. My hair is retarded and it hates me at this point, ha. :)

Pics of the curly dreads!

Okay here are a few pics from my tattoo appt last night!

No actual tat pics - as those were taken by someone with a really nice camera. SHIAAAAAAAT it hurt though. I have 7 tats and none of them hurt as bad as this one. We put some of my bro's ashes in the ink though, so it was a labor of love for sure.

Here are the curls...I will be doing this more often,I love the curled dread look!!

I will post the cool ink/dread pics that were taken with the professional camera - later this week. I have ONE more appt to finish shading and fill in (last night was 3 1/2 hours!) this week - then it will be done!

dread hawked people?

just wondering how people keep there dreads pointing in one direction? i would love for my dread hawk to point backwards rather than always falling down to the sides of my head...i t makes me look like i am just trying to hide balding sections of my head with a dread comb over...
is it just dependant on which way your hair grows naturally or can i help it somehow?
and so its not just text:
ta da!

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Hi guys, I've looked through pages and pages of this community, and I love every single person's dreads!
Anyways, I don't have dreads yet, but I've been contemplating getting dreads for a few years, and I rarely brush my hair and it usually looks like a mop anyways! I began trying to grow dreads and I didn't brush my hair for a month, but my mother protested. I just wanted everyone's opinions on whether or you all think dreads would suit me well.

And in the event I do begin growing dreads fairly soon, can anyone here recommend me to anyone in the Orlando (more specifically, Melbourne) area to get my dreads done at?
Anything I need to know about the maintenance or care of dreads?
Thanks for any help!

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felting details

I looked in the memories, but couldn't find anything completely relevant.

My dreads are about nine months old, and doing fairly well. I've dyed and bleached them a little too much in the past, and don't wanna do it anymore. I still like having colourful hair, though, so I'm thinking about felting some pretty wool in. I was just wondering, is it more likely to cause mold due to incomplete drying? Maybe it's a stupid question, the answer being "dry your hair properly you lazy asshole", but I hate blowdrying and never seem to do it entirely thoroughly. I don't want the wool to hold extra water and mold my hair even more than it probably is already.

Also, how hard is it to remove the wool if you change your mind after felting?

A picture for pictures' sake:

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Why hello there!  I've had my dreadies for a little over a month now, and so I figured it's about time I show their progress!  I'm quite happy with them, though I do have some of the normal problems including loose ends and itchy scalp.  Anyways,
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