January 9th, 2008

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i have not posted here in a lifetime, but i do regularly check back and love to see all the wonderful heads of dreads out there! :)

i've recently come across some photos that i felt would be just swell for sharing with the rest of you!

(these guys will be 2 years old in the spring!)

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Just A Couple

I got a new camera for Christmas, so it's been interesting taking photos of the back of my head. ^_^

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I was asked today, for like the gazillionth time if my head smells bad. Jeez, people just don't get it. I was like, "No. It smells freaking awesome, and you know what my head is cleaner than yours because I use all natural products." ::rolls eyes::

My fiance gave me the best compliment the other day though. He said, "Your dreads are looking so locked up and tight in the back." Eeee! He was always the one telling me that the back just looked like a "squirrel's nest." XD


Does anyone here use 'dreadballing' to tidy their roots?

For those unsure, that's where you take the loose hair, roll it around in your fingers til it becomes a great knotty ball, and tuck it into the root of another dread, so it eventually knots into it.
Just curious, because I haven't heard it mentioned here before. I have used this method once or twice, but it only seems to take hold if your roots are tight and close, no 1" loosies up there.


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Anyone in Macomb County, MI or close to it that could help me with some dread maintenance? My dreads are only a few days old, and I know that frizziness and what not is to be expected but I just can't help to think that it's not supposed to be as bad as it is.

Sorry for no pictures, I'll get some up here soon.

Loose hair, Short Locks.

This lock maintenance technique is known as dreadballing, and its is for clearing loose hair, but with a twist (a metaphorical twist, not in the hair hah). Sorry I have no pics but I will try to explain everything.

     A. Reasons other methods oif hair clearing doesn't work for me:

    1. Sewing doesn't work because my locks are short. My short (silky) hair slips out when sewed in in a matter of hours, especially if I wear a hat.

    2. R&T sewing This does work for some large strands of my hair, but where there's just a few it rips (suprise) the hair too short to be sewed in so I have to wait til it grows long enough to be sewed in. annoying.

    3. Regular dreadballing. Its completely useless [for those who don't root rub 24-7]. Dreadhead HQ can suck it.

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Using crochet hooks

Okay, so I know a lot of people have mentioned how useful crochet hooks are on your dreadies.... buuuuttt, I haven't really read anything on *how* to use them. And maybe it's in the memories and I completely didn't see it (if that's the case just send me in the right direction hehe).

I have crochet hooks, and I know how to crochet.... but I'm pretty sure that you're not supposed to literally crochet the loose hair into your dreads hahahah --although that would probably make for an interesting look hah--.... So I guess my main question, or request, would be if anyone has any pictures or diagrams, or step by step instructions, that would be super useful.

Thanks in advance! =)

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Oh, another question (sorrryyy)

If you have beads in, do you usually keep them in when you wash your hair? It seems like especially if you have wood ones in, you'd have to take them out each time. and oh my gosh, what if you have a lot of beads?

Okay I think I'm done for now with questions ;)

profile and gauge for felting needles


My name is Tom, I'm 20 and English with shoulder length brown dreads...

I am looking to invest in some felting needles, yet am unsure about which profile and gauge is most appropriate for maintaining thickish (1 inch diameter) locks in fine European style hair. Yes, I have scoured the memories and found no specific details.

The following site offers boxes of min. 10 needles at reasonable prices


they offer the advice
"36 Gauge triangle; for general work, the most popular needle used for many jobs. If you are not certain what to purchase start off with these.  36 Gauge triangle; for general work, the most popular needle used for many jobs. If you are not certain what to purchase start off with these. "

...although I'm aware that this applies to wool, not human hair.

Any help would be appreciated!
I will post a proper introduction with pics when I get some felting done!
Thanks XXX

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Finally ready :)

I'm finally getting dread locks after years of wanting them! I'm having my friend who is in beauty school do them. She has helped do them before, and I am completely confident in her ability to make them look awesome. However, I would still like to have some step-by-step instructions for us to go over while we're doing them. I had originally wanted to use the wax method, but after reading posts on this community I've decided that isn't a good idea. So does anybody know of a website where I could find some good step-by-step non-wax instructions for doing them? Maybe something with a video even? That would be cool :) Thanks so much guys! And I'll put pics up as soon as I get them finished, because I just love all the pictures everybody puts up!

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Haha sorry if these questions are lame or stupid.
Anyways, I've been thinking about dreads, but have been shying away because I have short hair.

So my questions: How long should my hair be at least (I read somewhere that to start it should be at least 3 inches, but I want to double check)?
Is it true that if you don't like it, you can soak it in some conditioner (I forgot the brand) for a long time to brush it out? I don't really have any plans to do so because I give hairstyles a try, but it's just something to say so that my mom don't start freaking out.
How much shorter will dreads make my hair (estimation obviously) or even if you have before/after photos.

And can I get some pictures of girls with short dreads? Or anybody with short dreads.

Oh, here's a photo of me (so you can see the length of my hair):
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My dreadies are a month old and I'm so frustrated. My kids lost my flea comb so I can even rebackcomb and I don't have the time to do so anyways.

The front is perfect. I love how it looks. The back is a mess. Most of it is undreaded and they're all crazy. I keep my head covered with a hankie and so most people see the back.

I can't wait till they're mateur and have gone passed this messy phase. My therapist who I saw for the first time on Tuesday remarked that my hair seemed unkempt. I explained to her that I was dreading it and had to explaine what dreads are. *sigh*

It does get better right?

Hey guys!

So my friend just sent me a link to this community, and it couldn't have come a better time. Last night my room mate dreaded my hair for me. After six hours of hair pulling, backcombing, and making D&D references while watching Lord of the Rings, my whole head was done. He had had dreadlocks before, so he knew what he was doing. Or I hoped he did anyway. They look pretty intense, though they still need a while to look awesome.

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I'll be sure to update as they start to lock, and grow more wicked.
Either way, later.