January 10th, 2008


im so nervous right now, i tend to think that everything is goin to end up pretty bad (im such a drama queen).
Im goin to get my dreads done this saturday (please, whoever is listening!) and i really dont know what's goin to happen, i will totally freak out if they are WAY TOO SEPARATED or too short or TOO anything, i dont even know how they're goin to look like....

i swear to you, i can't even sleep.

ps. here's my hair (pretty fucked up (too much "all hair pink", and blue and purple and multicoloured and silver and bleached and in 5 years...my mum is allways saying i'll be bald by 22...)

wish me luck...or whatever..just wish me something positive LOL


i just spent about twelve hours backcombing/rip and twist.

it is beautiful! about 23 so far.

pictures coming ASAP. i still have the top part of my hair in a beautiful mess of sectioned off goodness, but i am SO happy that i finally went through with it and made it happen, because my hair looks so goood right now!

we made thicker ones on the bottom, and thinner ones layering over them. my hair over the summer was so layered that it was almost a mullet, but the layers have grown out a LOT and i've only trimmed my split ends once since then. been preparing since. my longest hairs before dreading were almost to my waist and the shortest almost at my shoulders.

i finally got my hair very close to my natural color (light brown) from black, it took about three bleaching/dyeing jobs.

i also cut a perfect frame of bangs/hair around my face beforehand that i'm leaving brushable.

i am in love :]

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I took some new pics for ya. I love having dreads. I can't say I haven't thought about combing them out. But then I just say "no... everyone goes through this. Just be patient" and god damn I can handle that. Soooo let me know what you think. They are 3 month old babies... wow they seem so much older than that.

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Going back to Blonde

I've been dying my hair black for the last 6 years or so, and recently started using lighter and lighter dyes. The plan in the long run was to get a fade effect going all the way through from black to blonde by slowly dying the roots with increasingly lighter dyes. The trouble is I'm getting so impatient.. I just want to have my blonde back, but I've never bleached my hair, and I really don't want to - there has to be something more natural and less abrasive that I can use too to lighten off some of the more recent dyes? The dreads are about 14 months old.

Just so its not just me moaning:

3 months old

9 months old

last month


hi. i have dreadlocks. some are nearing a year in age. each has an affectionate story and a name, all of which i've completely forgotten; this does cause me dreadies to have a positive, nostalgic air about them, which i'm sure all dreads have.

i have an annoying layer of hair under my dreads, on the side and back of my head. and weird bangs, of course. many times, this hidden layer of strange, straggly hair comes up in conversations involving the words "soon", "backcomb", and "after another bowl (of salad.) and funny video"; meaning it never quite gets done. my question is, what can i do with this? after i post this, i'll go, like every other noob, and read the memories, and edit, and apologize.

but either way i've introduced myself to this community now, and let me say that everyone's dreads are amazing. i'm fascinated by human hair, and how it interacts with human faces; therefore this community rocks my world. maybe that's mildly creepy, but oh well. i suppose i am. Xp

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String dread wraps?

I've been toying with the idea of wrapping one of my dreads in some parade blue string. And I was just wondering what the best string and technique is best for this kind of thing. Could anybody provide a guide to follow or anything like that?

Thanks in advance.

dready artwork ideas...

thankyou to everyone who has sent me photo's of their dreads for my current project...
i'm currently filling a sketchbook of ideas and such, and i wanted to just share
some of my thoughts.

my first few pages are a brief history of dreadlocks, with pictures and such
then theres my own pictures, followed by pictures of you guys,
some of them will be in the sketchbook along with research, and some i will draw/copy
in my own style, to see which images work etc, then some of these may
get turned into larger scale final pieces of artkwork.

i'm sorry i can't use everyones photo's and do finished pieces of each individual,
but thank you everyone who is kinda enough to help me out :)
i will post pics of sketchbook work and artwork as they come

if anyone has ideas for artworks feel free to share :)

sezzabelle x
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