January 12th, 2008


 i've been lurking ... not many people remember me i'm sure ... as i've changed user names, i was undosyndir, and this was my first set of dreads:

had them for about three years or something like that.

now, i've had my second set for a little over a year now. i backcombed them once, and haven't done much since then ... its a huge mess, but i kind of like it that way ... lots of the dreads have come together to create some pretty big ones, my biggest being a total of 5 locks combined! i spend long hours working in kitchens, so its very necessary that my hair be bound up all of the time. not so great for growing dreads, but they're going to be pretty neato in a few years. even though it doesn’t look like it, i do have some lockage going on in there ... they just haven't grown up enough to become exposed to the world ... i've got about three inches of natural growth.

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Last day...

So tomorrow I'm getting mt dreads <3 And I just wanted to see if anybody had in last words of wisdom for me! I'm getting kind of smaller dreads.. like 1/2 to 1/4 diameter. I know to only wash them like once a week at first (how long exactly?) and I'm getting Dr. Bronners. Um... we're doing the back-combing method... so no wax ;) Am I missing anything? I just really want to make sure I do this right! Thanks so much!