January 13th, 2008

help please :)

a while ago someone posted a picture of a group of people's heads laying in a circle with their dreads all entwined in the middle .. then someone posted a comment with a link to a website of an artist/photographer guy who i think had taken it (i could be wrong!) so if anyone knows what im going on about and remembers id be well grateful! cos i remember following the link and going to the site and there was some great artwork, but i forgot to save it to my favourites! cheers!
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my dreads just wont stop growing!!! there's a couple of right fatties hiding under that somewhere. people always say to me wow theyre so long, youre gona hav to cut them at some point! but i never want to! but im worried they wil get really heavy and the roots wil go all thin or something! never want to have to put scissors to them...doubt i will, love em too much!! had them 6 yrs now and they began at shoulder length but obviously shrunk from that when they began dreading. i rarely wash them.. and ive jus been swimming and i tie them up in a big bun on my head, will have to get a pic of that sometime!!
loving all your dread pics in gudu :) peace xx

[i'm nervous about posting here guys.]

 So after stalking this community for a bit I've finally decided to post. Heh.

I'd like to start by saying that I love dreadlocks. The way they look, what the mean, everything about them.
It's why i've decided to start dreading my hair. 
I think what I'm going to do is section off a small piece of hair at the back of my head&braid it&then let it dread itself from there. 
If I like they way it looks&all that then I'll dread a few more places.
I guess I'm not bold enough to dread my whole head. Haha. 

So I'd like some opinions on this if that's cool.
Uh, yea. 
Thank you. :]
han solo

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I made myself a dread tam!

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I'm super excited about it! It's not super big, so once my dreads get longer they may not all fit inside it hahah but for now it's just about perfect.

What's also fun about this is that I'm probably going to wear it tomorrow...which is my first day of college! *gasp* heh. So I'll be looking super cute tomorrah. ^_^v