January 16th, 2008

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so, i set the january date for dreads back in the summer (i had a few phases in mind i wanted my hairs to go through before i locked em all up). i've wanted them since i was 14 (now 19) and now they're finally finally on my head rather than just my mind. i won't have a dready timeline for a while, my babies are only a couple days old, but i can give you guys a Collapse )
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almost 2 years

Is anyone here from around the Devon area, in England? I have no dreadlock buddies AT ALL D: and I'd love to chat sometime to people around my area, maybe even meet up sometime :3 I'm around Barnstaple, about an hour away from Exeter.

Anyway! Tonight while going through my files, I realised that in April this year I'll have had my dreads for 2 years! It's gone so fast, jesus.

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My mother did them for me, and it was quite the struggle. You can probably tell that there was a lot of twisting, and so a lot of hair left undreaded. Part of this is her inability to follow instructions when she thinks she knows best, she would twist the lock around and around in the same direction as she backcombed it, the result being some parts dreaded, some parts twisted. I ended up having to rebackcomb so many a few weeks later. But I didn't dare whine, because she spent 7 long hours on my hair ^^; And my hair is really silky and really fine, so backcombing was a bitch all in itself.

It's been a lot of work since then, some days I just wanted to scream and cut them all out, but the perseverance has been worth it.

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At the moment I'm struggling with thinning roots. I've lost one to the roots breaking off, recently cut out another in the same area that was hanging there pathetically, on it's way out, and with the undreaded hair there I've been able to start three little dreads. There's another on the other side of my head thats on it's way out, and I think I'll give it the snip as well and just start dreading the loose hair around there. I think I can make two dreads there - which leads me to the conclusion that some sections were simply too large. There's another couple that are getting a bit thin as well but I'm being relentless with getting the undreaded hair to join the roots, so hopefully I can ward off the same thing happening again.

But other than that ... yeah, the struggle really has been worth it :D I adore my dreads. This is the first time in my entire life that I have honestly been able to say that I love my hair. It just feels so normal for me to have them, too, and although quite a few of my friends were like "NO WAY DON'T GET DREADS EW" at the start, they love my hair now too.

I'd love to get some colourful extensions, but I'm also toying with the idea of dying a few. I can't decide! I just want some colour back in there, since before I got dreads I had dark purple hair for a year or so and I really miss that.
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dreadlets - shrinking in width

Ive had my dread babies for 2.5 weeks. I took a shower yesterday and they didnt shrink in length but they shrank in width. I apologize if this in the memories i cant look at them with the device im using for internet right now, but is this comon? I know shrinking in length happens to dreads eventually in the early stages but most of my dreads are half as round as they were before the shower if not smaller. They also became very frumpy looking, kind of wet dog esque. They dont feel like they are falling apart, they also dont seem to be much tighter than before. Any insight?

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so its been a year and a half.
holy crap.
my roots need maintenance like whoa but other than that, its been a fun ride.
My only regret sometimes is that they aren't funky enough. I envy people with lots of bumps and lumps. I think if/when I get rid of this set, the next set will be all natural.


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The Gym (semi-x-posted in my journal)

So, I'm actually doing something about my chunkiness.
I'm eating better and going to the gym now. Yay for good health.

Yesterday was my first trip back to the gym in a long time, and my hair became a conversation-starter.... even though I wasn't seeking conversations.

It was funny--I had my headphones on, so I would imagine most folks were somewhat discouraged from speaking to me... but one or two people in the gym clearly wanted to talk to me about my hair. They made eye contact, smiled and acted like they were coming over to talk to me. I smiled back, but then I put my head down and got into whatever thing I was doing at the time. Talking while running on an eliptical machine--not easy for me just yet.

An oldish black woman felt she just HAD to tell me about her locks ("I useta have them to my shoulders, but I lost patience and cut 'em off!") while I was trying to do a bench press... I dunno about you, but I don't wanna have a conversation while my breathing is starting to come in ragged gasps because I'm woefully out of shape. I was polite, and I listened, but I didn't say much back because my fucking balls were about to burst out of my eye-sockets from the workout. You'd think she'd have known better. One older biker dude knew the score--he gave me a "fist up" salute as he was leaving. No questions, no conversation... just respect. I like that.

One cool thing about my hair... men in the locker room gave me a wide berth (and some dubious looks), so I had a lot of space to myself in there. Good. I don't wanna be near a bunch of sweaty, stinky (or cologne-laden) naked dudes at all!
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We accept you; one of us

Mkay. Decided to stop being lazy and finally post.
Got my second set started last Friday by the wonderful lishd.

Morning of; this morning. Yay for iphone pictures :)

There are better pictures floating around out there showing the process and such; those will be posted at a later date.

But yeahhh. Just wanted to re-emerge here. I used to post a bit and comment a bunch about a year and a half ago, and then felt kind of useless when I brushed them out. THESE ARE HERE TO STAY FOR A BIT.

And I know it's been said a bunch, but seriously. If you can make it out to Seattle to see Lish for any starting/maitenance needs, it is definitely worth it. She is such a blast to hang out with, and she really makes sure that you have a great time. She grabbed a bunch of her awesome friends to entertain me, took me out for fantastic food, and let me crash on the warmest couch I've ever been on. When I left the next morning, I was only halfway down the stairs before I already missed her and Joe; they are great people.

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I went shopping today for groceries at the small local discount grocery store in town. Up here in small town Vermont, everyone knows everyone else. I used to own a catering business for 7 years, so I'm well known in town. I've had my dreads in for almost 17 months now. You'd think people would be used to them by now.

Apparently not. One of the women that works at the store walked by me and said, "Hey, next time, why don't you try shaving your head if you want to go extreme."

Huh??? I thought dreads were pretty natural, not extreme.

You'd think in northern VT, she'd be used to seeing them. Or maybe it's that she doesn't know any other people with dreads that she would feel at liberty to say some so asshat-ish.

Guess it takes all kinds.

timey line

the lovely jaime (gypsy88) requested i posted a timeline, so here it is :)
i was gonna wait til they were one year, but then that would be like a zillion pics.
my dreads were born on 6th sept 2007 :D

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sorry if its a little pic heavy. enjoy! x
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