January 17th, 2008


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has anyone ever tried (needle) felting synth hair? i'm wondering if it would be possible to combine synth hair with wool for a more realistic, less flamable, synth dread?

i'm not sure how the fibres would take to each other. any of you crafty kids have any input?

ps - hi! ♥


i have been meaning to post one of these for aages! they are 7 months old atm but the fact that i have an unhealthy obsession with changing my hair every week or so means that theres a bit of variety on show.
its more-than-a-bit picture heavy.

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ouch my scalppp.

so fuck.

the roots at the base of my neck have always just been naturally dreaded pretty close. i was never too worried about it or anything but one of them in this one spot it almost matted completely to my head and it pulls my skin if i touch the dread at all. that part doesn't bother me quite so much it's more the constant soreness. i don't do too much root maintenance so i just assume it's because of it's location it's locked up so much. it's not THAT BAD because it's a thin dread and it's only some of the root.

should i just let it be or should i actively try to fix it? how would i go about doing that? conditioner? try to brush the root out a bit? ideas?
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