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yikes! [18 Jan 2008|12:21am]
it's time.
i'm combing out.
the pacific northwest got to me.
or rather the mold did.

the start of a new era.
how exciting!
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[18 Jan 2008|02:58am]
I had a piercing party, yo.

If you're scared of needles don't look  plzktnx,

That is BY FAR my favourite piercing. I've had it done... well, I think this is my 5th or 6th time. I have 2 sets of scars on each cheek, and I think I have 1 set that didn't scar. I have had it vertical and horizontal. It doesn't hurt in any way, shape, or form. It hurts less then getting your lobes pierced, with a needle OR a gun.

pictures from a while back with it, pre-dread:

I want to kidnap Gavin rossdale and rape him.

(ETA: I should let you know, She IS a trained, apprenticed piercer. She just started out very, very early. She's got a very interesting life story, that one. I myself am also a trained, Apprenticed -piercer. All equipment used was pre-sterilized in an autoclave. )
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quick question [18 Jan 2008|02:38pm]
I just washed my dreads for the first time. Is it better to let them air dry? or blow dry them? Thanks a ton!
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spiritual rez birthday weekend adventure [18 Jan 2008|02:44pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

so sat is my 26th bday, and i am seeing my favorite band, SPIRITUAL REZ, twice on my birthday. well, my weekend adventure started last night, as i went to RI and got my friend and we had such a sweet dance party last night... check it out, some dready shots!

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Dreadie Encounter [18 Jan 2008|06:12pm]
So today I was doing a scavenger hunt, and I was totally hyper. We, me and my friends, walked into a pizza place for a take out menu, an item on the list. The lady behind the counter had dreads and I totally freaked out and basically ended up screaming "OH MY GOD!!!! I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!" I didn't realize how loud I was either. The lady was totally cool and nice about it too. :]
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[18 Jan 2008|08:44pm]
DUDES! I am SO jazzed!

I've been a HUGE fan of The Amazing Race since they first came on the air!

I was so excited to see that one of the racers this season has a set of dreads. TK & Rachel have been one of my favorite teams this season.

Anyway......Bill Bartek and his partner Joe have been some of my favorite races since the first season of TAR. Bill is so snarky and full of personality and I always enjoy reading his blog entries on the TAR blog.

Back on the 13th of this month, he made a snide comment about TK's hair. Check it out here: Scroll down to the 4th comment down....from Jan. 13th

I was a bit taken back.....so I emailed Bill and gave him a link to prove that many of us DO wash our hair.

I just went on to look at this week's blog and there was my comment!!! Click here and scroll down to post #6 from Jan. 14th. He didn't put my name on it, but he cut and pasted my email word for word! I'm so jazzed that he put that in there.....but also that he admitted he was wrong.....if you've followed Team Guido, you know that's HUGE! That just tickles me pink!
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just sayin' hi [18 Jan 2008|10:36pm]
i've been reading and enjoying posts from this community for a couple of months now. thought it was finally time to say hello.

i've had my dreads for around 6 years or so. if anyone can explain how to do that cut-thingy, i'd be happy to post more pictures. 


Let's see if this works...

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