January 19th, 2008


really odd day:
me and my roommate (jake) were smoking waiting for food outside a chinese place.
some little chav (i dont know if people in other places understand this term,:S http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chav )
the conversation went like this:
me  :"eh? your ugly but you dont hear me shouting abuse at you"
twat :"YOU WHAT?!"
Jake :"just fuck off"
    his mates started crowding round and i got a lil worried but all of a sudden a hero appeared!
   i didnt catch his name so shall refer to him as "super awesome giant rasta man"
super awesome giant rasta man :"OI! you little shits. thats right CLEAR OFF!!"
and using that odd superpower that all really really tall people seem to have they all left, if they had tails they would have been between there legs :D
the guy then sat and smoked with us, he's awesome
  ^_^ I made a new dready friend! :D
    his locks are about 4 years old, will post pics of them when i can :]
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I really think I might....


...try and comb my locks out. I love them, I really do, but they're driving me ballistic, and the fact that I'm so terrified of not having them is telling me I might need to do something about it. Next time I want lots of skinny dreads. I've not been sewing in my loose hairs for months because I love to pet it and run my fingers through it. I don't think this will be my last set of dreads, but yea...I think they need to go. My stomach hurts. Maybe I'll start with the front two and make bangs? Yes, I think that will be the answer.

P.s. I know I threatened to do this right around their two year birthday, but at the time dying them was enough to still the urge.


Right...so I combed out the first two and it took about two hours, and I bawled my eyes out. They're staying, at least for now. I'm such a pussy.

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nice smells

maybe it's my pH, but does anyone else think knottyboy peppermint spray sucks? it leaves my scalp smelling like a greasy old candy gone through the wash, and actually makes it itch more. idk. i am not throughly impressed and i won't be using it again.

are there any non obnoxious, non oil-based sprays i can make to give my dreads a refresher inbetween 'poos?
A gift from Goss :)

Job hunting Question >

   So today, after I finish up online and try to make myself presentable...
I'm going job hunting.

I have a question though. I have a lot of...for lack of a better word "things" in my hair. Beads, shells, bright extensions here and there, red and green wool, etc.

I knew getting into dreads that I would be discriminated against, especially in the work field and I'm prepared for that.
But I am wondering; Do you think having the extra trimmings up there will give me a poor chance of landing a job? I realize that I love the way it looks, but it's not very "professional" per se.
I'm not considering chopping my locks to land a job, because any job that flat out wouldn't allow a dread head to work there is probably going to be too much of a downer for me to enjoy, anyway. Plus, I'm just looking for some filler work, part time stuff; and I'm certainly not cutting for -that-.

But I realize sometimes you have to make concessions. As a pierced, dreaded, young person who doesn't even have her AA under her belt yet I'm kind of low on the professional totem pole I realize, so if I thought it may give me the upper hand I could bring myself to take out some of the purples and reds and greens (not happily though!)

So what kind of jobs do you all have? And what kind of dreads?
Any input would be great, this is the first time I've had to worry about finding "real" work since I've had them, so I'm kind of grasping at straws :)

RIP dreads 7/30/04-1/3/08

title or description

I cut all 23 of them when we beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl (take that, America! Once again, WVU defies the odds). I left 2-3 inches of dread left on each. It took 10-15 hours to comb them all out--the fat ones took an hour each, and I managed to finish the last 9 while watching Forrest Gump. Dude, combing them out was gross--there was so much CRAP inside my hair. I had to wash my head every time i finished a combing-out session because of all the goo. I know it wasn't wax, because I haven't used that in years, and the part of the dreads I combed out was at the top, but I'm assuming it was old shampoo. It kinda smelled that way. I guess I never really washed it out all the way, even though I always rinsed until the water ran clear.

So anyways, pictures! We kinda had a party for the chop, so there were a ton of pictures on facebook.

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how do I make a dog hair dreadlock?

I have a lovely GSD who's hair I'd like to add to my dreads. I'd like to do a single dread or an extention with only the dog hair without having to felt it into my dread. I looked in the memories and didn't find anything about working with dog hair. My concern is that it won't stay together on it's own and I should mix it with some cotton and use a felting needle???