January 20th, 2008

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Hello, I've been stalking this community for a while, and I learned most of everything I know about dreads from the memories. So a big thanks to everyone. My dreads are just over three months and I've really fallen in love with them.

I have a bit of breakage at the root along the front and back hairline and a bit on my crown (I decided to get a perm before dreading as my hair is fine/straight). And while I have mixed feelings because of the breakage, I am extremely impressed with how they've progressed compared to the last time I made the attempt. So assuming no locks actually fall off, I wont necessarily regret the perm. As soon as I discovered the breakage I decided to go easy on them in the maintenance and washing department. I stopped using salt water, and I stopped with the vigarous palm rolling (especially since they seem to be keeping together well enough as it is) Now the only thing I really do is sew in the odd loose hair and once a week I spray my hair down with peppermint tea with a bit of witch hazel in it. I let it soak in and then gently rinse it out, put in some aloe vera and let it towl dry. This seems to be keeping it clean enough and I haven't noticed any new breakage. This was a routine another girl who had the similar problem suggested me. If anyone else has solutions to combat root breakage I'd love to hear them. I'm still pretty worried about that one dread in the front which isn't hanging on by a lot. Thanks!

Now I will attempt to post some pictures 

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I cut off my dreads a couple weeks ago and figured I would share to let everybody know that YES it is possible to have normal hair after cutting off mature dreadlocks. I cut mine off to my jawline and then brushed (picked really) out what was left with a regular comb. Here are some pictures.
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I don't have any dreads to send out because I gave them to my mom because she wants to frame them or something, haha. I'm thinking about posting a timeline if anybody is interested.

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 hi everyone =) i'm allison, and i have super thick, super curly/frizzy hair like you couldn't even imagine and when i was much younger, i really wanted dreads. i had synthetic ones for a little while, but my mother put her foot down about me ever getting real dreads. i'm 18 now, and my mother doesn't really care what i do anymore, but the whole idea of dreads kind of fell off because i was introduced to hair irons to control my hair. a few people have suggested recently that i should get dreads, so now i'm kind of pondering it again.

a few questions, and i apologize if i missed the answers in the memories:

first: i realise this is probably a dumb question, but is it possible to clear some of the hair that has fallen out naturally out of dreadlocks? i generally loose probably close to a small handful of hair a day, and i can see dreads on me getting very heavy, very fast. when i had very long hair, keeping it up in a bun gave me neck and headaces constantly, and i would want to keep these dreads as light as possible.

second: i have an...interesting scalp that gets dry and greasy all at the same time. if i kept the dreads loose near the scalp, would it be too difficult to wash my scalp once or twice a week? would the dreads get all moldy from the moisture?

basically, i'm trying to decide what is more convenient for me currently; ironing or dreading. i'm a full time art student, and my time for matinence is a little limited. any help is greatly appreciated!

a few questions about conditioners

Hi, I guess this is mostly directed toward lishd as she is the expert on, well.. pretty much everything dready, hehe.

So I would consider my hair severely damnaged because of perming, and I'm considering trying one of the protein conditioners you mentioned. so here are my questions

1) how young is too young? mine are 3 months, holding up better than a lot of people at 3 months, but still far from being totally established
2) Upon reading some reviews of the aphogee one, many people mentioned the importance of following every step, including conditioning and moisturizing afterwards. Is this going to be dangerous for my toddler dreads (I figure they're just a little bit older than baby dreads, hehe)