January 22nd, 2008

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is it just me, or are there a few more then usual posts lately about people combing their dreads out? Or, even, shaving them off?

makes me sad. I mean, I know that for each of them it was time, and they had their reasons, but I'm always sad to see them go.


6 months in a week or twoish. Expect me to burden yous guys with a timeline, Yo.
A gift from Goss :)


So last night I had a dream that I dyed my dreads black and magenta...but that I accidentally used the conditioner packet that comes with the boxes and they all turned into this long, flowing, super soft undreaded head of hair.

I mean, it looked flipping awesome, but I was really sad in the dream. I didn't think I had the heart to start all over and go through it all again after I'd -just- gotten my dreads to a place where I was really in love with them.

In the end I discovered I still had some random perfectly fine looking dreads in the front and I decided to leave it like that.

I remember the hair in my dream being SO soft and fluffy and nice, and it almost made me miss having regular hair...then I remembered my hair was NEVER that nice and I'm much happier now, haha :D

I had to share it, just because it was so weird.

I'm FINALLY not dead broke, so I can afford to get another USB cord for my camera. So much has happened up on my head since I've been able to do a post, it's a little bit shocking :)

hello I am new!

Hello there I'm very new to this
I have wanted dread locks for years and decided to finally just do it
at first my friends started them for me
but my mother's boyfriend is a former rastafarian and had them on his head for 12 years
so I brushed out the ones my friends did for me (hurt like a bitch)! washed my hair
and just let it go
so I am offically a natty dread haha.
I have been washing it every 2 days I recently bought oil to start putting in my hair to keep my scalp healthy.
I've been dreading for a week now

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 hi all

thought it was about time i introduced myself since ive recently departed from the descriptive of the digitally disadvantaged and bought myself a camera.
im ken. i enjoy long walks, warm fires, am not looking for anything serio.... wait. sorry, wrong website.

oh yeah. ive had dreads for nearly eight years, longer than ive had sense. all you lovely dread heads have made me very jealous since joining here.

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sorry pics are soo big I will try to resize again :)

My locks will be turning 2 this week and i am soo very excited!!
I do have a question though. I have noticed that a few of my dreads are becoming like undreaded and not hard, and it is happening in the middle of the dread. does anyone know why maybe or have experienced this? I am thinking it maybe has to do with me putting my hair up cause my locks are skinny. IDK I am getting a lil nervous. Help!
Anyways I celebrated my 22 b-day last friday it was great. I made a fool of myself but i usually do that anyways.
Here are pix.
me 22
me and ma
this is me attacking my mums face. I lvu her and whiskey :D
I will proly do a timeline in the next couple of days.
I am going to start updating my journal too i haven't posted since 06 but i just feel the need to....
Peace and love to you all.
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One Month


My dreads are pretty much as tight and mature as my previous set were at 5 months. I'm not 100% sure of what happened other than I wasn't getting any action with the old ones... but I won't complain! I rounded the tips yesterday and did some clean-up.